Episode 49: What a Homeschool Transcript is NOT

It's almost more important to know what a homeschool transcript is NOT, rather than what it IS, because many are confused about what goes on there.

When you know what it is NOT, it's much less intimidating to think about and do!

In this podcast episode I debunk much of the conventional wisdom you'll hear about what a transcript is  — usually from someone who wants to sell you their transcript course or service, so they try to undermine your confidence in doing it yourself.

Nope, making a high school transcript is really NOT that hard! Listen to find out all the things you DON'T have to do to make one that will impress colleges! You CAN create one yourself — I have confidence in you!


NOTE: If you're looking for the video version of this episode, I've decided to discontinue the videos for awhile in order to keep the quality level of the podcast where I want it to be. I hope you can understand.

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Episode 49: What a Homeschool Transcript is NOT

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