For The Record: How to give grades and organize documents while homeschooling high school (made easy!)


No matter what level of rigor your student is doing, For the Record will ease your mind. This book is filled with exclusive insight, actionable information, and even sample calculations — everything you need to successfully evaluate your teen’s homeschool work and feel good about the grades you put onto the transcript.

You are doing this homeschool high school thing, but the thought of grading your teen’s work accurately has you a bit, well, freaked out. After all, you know these grades will go on their high school transcript and may determine whether they get into college. You can do this. Ann will show you how in this quick and practical how-to guide.

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For the Record is written by a certified secondary education teacher turned homeschool mom. In it you get all the details to help you feel confident about grading your teen’s high school work, including:

  • Strategies that apply to all subjects
  • Grading specific types of assignments
  • Calculating semester and final averages and the dreaded GPA
  • Tips from a former public school teacher
  • Organizing all the paperwork

In her usual laid-back, conversational, and maybe even slightly humorous style, Ann debunks the difficulty and makes the process of grading assignments, calculating semester and final grades (and the dreaded GPA), and even organizing all the papers much more doable than the “experts” want you to think.

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