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  1. Hi Annie! I would love to have you guest post on my blog sometime. I am taking guest posts for January, February and March while I work on my new ebook and spring book bundle. Just let me know if you are interested and I will tell you what dates you have available!

    Thank you :) :)

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you have ever done a review and give-away for Lilla Rose hair jewelry? These clips are as beautiful as they are functional. My website is I’m a homeschooling mom and they are a huge hit for those not wanting to spend time on their hair but want it to look neat and attractive with very little effort. Thanks for any information you can give me.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Just wanted to send you an email to let you know that you are an ANSWERED PRAYER. For the past two weeks I have been a little on edge( ha ha my husband might disagree). I just received my new Classical Conversation catalog when it donned on me that Physical Science wouldn’t be offered till Challenge 1 when my son supposedly will be a 10th grader. I went and looked at my states requirements for graduation and about had a heart attack when I saw he needed 4 yrs of science and we have had 0. I have been scouring the internet to look at other choices and already deciding we had to leave CC if he wanted to graduate with his other home school friends who aren’t at CC. Not sure how I found your website but what a sense of great relief! I went back and looked at the home school section of the education website and it was just as you said “No course requirements!!!!!” I think I read the blog you wrote on that and our state website 3 or 4 times just to make sure this was actually true.
    I just cant thank you enough!! I just bought your book and cant wait to dig in.

  4. Help! My highschool son is 18 and a senior, he is about 3 months away from graduating highschool but unfortunately his school (this year alone) has had 3 gun threats. This most recent one has me fed up and I’m interested in puking him out and having him complete highschool being homeschooled. I’m afraid that with such a short time left, this may not be a wise decision for his future, but on the other hand, I’m fearful for his life at school unfortunately. If I pull him out, will he still be able to complete whats necessary to earn some form of highschool equivalent certificate at homeschooling? I’m so lost and everyday is another day my wife and I fear for what could happen at his school. Any and all help would be GREATLY appreciated!

    1. Joey, that indeed is a scary situation! My personal opinion is that you should have no problem pulling him out and letting him finish the year at home. Just be sure to get all his records (including a transcript of his courses and grades up to this point–very important) before you pull him. Then you can transpose all that information onto your own transcript and add whatever grades he finishes up with to it. This will be sufficient for colleges. You don’t need any kind of “certificate.” A homeschool transcript/diploma is valid. I would also recommend you (and/or your wife) join my Facebook group and ask this question there. The members there will give you a lot of support and encouragement, as well as help with the practical details. Here is the link to ask to join:

  5. Priscilla Crosby

    Annie I need to talk with you and it’s to personal for me on this forum. I’m in both of your Facebook groups

  6. Hi Annie,

    In trying to fulfill a one year fine art credit for my son, who is a junior, and not interested in the standard art, theater, dance, etc…. We started some cell phone photography and will be able to pull out a semester credit. He has been in karate since the age of 10 and I’ve counted it for P.E. along w his gym attendance. Last month he achieved his black belt. My question is could I count martial art as a credit for fine art? There are performance aspects involved and a lot has changed since achieving black belt where the focus is more on the art/movement. Thank you….

    1. I personally would really hesitate to count karate as a fine art. Really, when you think about it, any sport has “performance aspects” and focus on the movement. My daughter plays softball, and the amount of detailed movement that goes into the correct batting swing is incredible. I just am not seeing how karate is considerable different than other sports.

      But maybe you could give me more detailed info to convince me? LOL

      But if I were you, I would ask this question in my high school FB group. Are you a member? The gals in there would love to help you answer this question, and there are many, I’m sure, that have had kids in karate and could give you much better insight than I can.

      Sorry I can’t be more help!

  7. Hello, my daughter is going to go to beauty school and they want her transcripts. Im not sure how i should write those . If you can help me figure out a way to do this that would be amazing.
    Thank you for your time, Sandra Montoya

  8. Lisa marie adams

    Hi Ann, I left you a message in Messengerbefote I saw this link to contact you … I down loaded the ebook and love it .. but I went to read it the other day android said link not available .. I had it saved on Facebook .. I am assuming that was how I was supposed to keep getting back to it .. but any suggestions on what to do ? Can I re -download it ? Anyway it’s MOTHERS DAY today so you have a wonderful day and look forward to hearing back from you and getting to read the book more 😀

  9. Hi, Ann. I found your article about homeschooling vs public school on Pinterest by chance and then noticed you are from rural Missouri in the blurb at the bottom. We are from the ozarks, and getting ready to move to a very rural setting down here. My two oldest kids, 6&12, have been in public school up til now but we are seriously considering homeschooling for a number of reasons. The thing is, I’m kind of terrified, especially of taking my soon-to-be 7th grader out of public school and taking the deep responsibility of his education onto my own shoulders. I feel like it’s a permanent commitment at this point, and I’m so scared I’m going to ruin his future. I just don’t have as long to get it right with him as I do with my other little ones. Do you have any encouraging articles or resources that could help? We are likely going to face some family backlash for this decision as well, and while we realize our view on what is best for our children is ours alone, it is definitely playing into my fear. Thanks so much for your time.

    1. Emily — I can’t do it right at this moment, but I will send you an email within the next day or so! Hang in there, it’s all gonna be OK! :-)

    2. Maryam Abdulrasool

      Hi Ann! I just read your article and I have a couple questions. I am writing an argumentative essay for my Pre-AP English class and I am arguing whether public school is better then home school. It’s a requirement to have an interview in our essay from someone professional or who wrote an article about it. It would be great if you can email me with your opinion on the following questions, Overall should students go to public school to aquire social skills needed for future situations, and also what are some cons of public schooling. It would mean a lot to me if i can get a reply before Monday because that’s when the essay is due!

      Thank you,
      Maryam Abdulrasool

  10. Sylvia A Barone

    Hi Annie,

    My son graduated from our Home School this past May and is attending the University as a Musical Theater major. He has college hours from the community college from Dual Credit courses. My daughter decided to go to public school for her junior and senior year and just finished her Junior year. Tonight as I was cleaning out our homeschool shelves and finding unfinished workbooks, etc. I started to beat myself up (yet again) and feeling like a homeschool failure and wishing I could do it all over again and be a stellar homeschool mom. My daughter made A’s and B’s (one C) her first year in public school and my son will be moving into his dorm in less than two month. Reading your articles really helped me feel so much better. I could really relate…. I honestly thought I was the only one who lay in bed at night, crying, while being a homeschool mom because I was worried that I was failing, not doing enough or that my kids were behind. Thank you sooooooo much for being so genuine and honest in your writing.


    1. Aw, Sylvia, thanks for your kind words! NO, you are not alone! We all have regrets and wish we could do better. But I’ve found that often things seem to work out, if not as wonderfully as I wanted them to, at least fairly well. And when they didn’t there was something we all needed to learn… this life is a marathon, isn’t it? HUGS!!

  11. Hi Annie,

    I have a little different situation than most. My Now 22 year old Son was in traditional School through 6th Grade. Unfortunately my Son developed a health condition that took him out of School. I started homeschooling him with online sites like Time For Learning. We also purchased several Life Pack Curriculums. We did some Science projects only a few and he read a lot about Science and other interest online. He attended a Kumon Math Center where he did really well in Fractions and Math. We didn’t get to move on from there. My Son became sick and Hospitalized several times. Now 6 years later my Son is finally starting to live again and wants to drive and go to a community college. He has self taught himself a lot and is very intelligent. He pronounces and spells 45 letter Medical Terminology. He also has self taught himself a lot in German and has transferred his phone into this language. Just to give insight on his potential. But, I do not know how to go from here. I cannot see him going to get a GED since he has been homeschooled and actually unschooled, because of Medical reasons. He is very smart and I think that is not needed. But, with being said I don’t have records and I don’t know how I would begin to put a Transcript together. Can you advise me, how I would do this? Thank you very much and your time is very much appreciated.


    Kim Brown

    1. Hi Kim, I will send you an email. The short answer is that he can go to community college without needing to “finish” high school. Check the requirements of your local community college — I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  12. Hi Ann

    I came across your post regarding anxiety over money posted back in 2015. I just need to say you spoke to me! It can be an overwhelming load to carry and manage the family finance. I often times wish I could be ignorance is bliss…but than I’d be anxious about not knowing?!?! LOL

    Since you in detail described my sleeplessness nights and panic so accurate…did you ever think, do I have an unhealthy relationship with money?!? Because who could possible obsess so much about it!?!

    Thanks again for a great post!

  13. Hi Annie,
    Love your website! I have combed it looking for some information as to how to help me with my senior who no longer wants to learn. All he wants to do is hang out on YouTube. It’s a very challenging time. We have home schooled for the last two years. He thinks learning is not important. Ugh. Thanks for any advice.

  14. Thank you so much for this post. It made me cry, but it was exactly what I needed. My son was far ahead at an early age, so I kept pushing. He just wasn’t ready. We now have to go back over last year’s material, and I’m having a very hard time not feeling like a failed him.

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  16. Ann, what is the best way to send you a private message? I am a member of both Facebook groups but couldn’t figure out how to contact you privately.

  17. Hi Ann, love the website. Thank you for all of your help. My son will graduate this year. I have a question about the diploma – how do we assign a school? Do we just make up a name? Thanks very much!

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  19. Hi Ann- I hope this finds you doing great!! My son (entering 9th grader into Geometry) has been doing teaching textbooks for several years. I’m curious on your take on : teaching textbooks vs. CTC math vs. Jacobs Geometry? any feedback on if I should stay the course or switch? I would love to know your top two honest picks here. (for geom.)

    thank you so much! blessings!

  20. Hello, my name is Myra Smith. I’m pursuing my master’s degree in school social work and I’m currently completing my internship at a local high school called the School of Innovation in Springfield, OH. I saw your post on how to create a course description book for parents who are homeschooling. My question to you is, will be ok if I use some of your descriptions in the course book that I am trying to create for the school. This book would be distributed throughout the school and perhaps the community to ensure that more students are aware of the school. However, I am volunteering to do this for the school and there is no profit. The school is relatively new (4 years old) and they do not have much control over advertising or even their own webpage. My hope is that with this coursebook, more students can become aware of the school and hopefully in time more funding and educators can be integrated. Thanks so much for your time and expertise.

  21. Hello Ann,
    Thank you for having such a great website! I appreciate your frequent emails regarding homeschooling high school. I have a question about texts. I found an excellent and comprehensive world history text and American history text that I would love to use with my daughter for 10th and 11th grade. The only problem is that on the publisher’s website, it says that it is for 5th-8th grade. Is it still doable? With whatever curriculum we use, I planned to assign 2-4 essays for each history class. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Therese

  22. Hi Ann,
    I bought the book from Amazon but am unable to access the resources with the password provided. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  23. Hi! I would love to connect with you to see if you would be interested in speaking at our upcoming Purpose Pursuit: Teen Homeschool Summit. Its a free online event happening at the end of April. I tried to email the address above but unfortunately it wasn’t able to deliver it.

  24. Hello! I tried to email using the email above and it sends a return saying it’s not valid. Here’s my question……

    I have followed you for a little while and I love your content. I was curious if you have any experience, know anyone, or would do a blog/podcast about special needs children that might need accommodations for these standardized tests. I found it seems like you really need to jump through hoops, and they ask for IEPs, etc… I’m a homeschooling mom with an education background but I have never had to make an IEP before. This is daunting to me especially with my son going into 9th grade, and I plan to start test prep.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  25. Wow. I am humbled right now. Your website is a personal answer to prayer as I have been struggling with so many issues homeschooling my two high schoolers and we’ve all been feeling the pressure and discouragement lately. I only wish I had 36 free hours per day to read all the wonderful articles I see here and your book. I’ve requested to join the fb group and I am at least going to start binging on your podcasts. Just feeling a little lost with “requirements” and that have I done enough feeling that apparently is more normal than I realized. Homeschooling high school as a military family, and with all the changes COVID brought recently, has definitely been a challenge to navigate through. You don’t happen to offer one on one counseling, do you?! :) I would just love to talk to someone who has been there done that and can maybe share some wise counsel…well I guess that’s what your site is all about – thank you so much for this treasure. 🙏🏽

  26. Hi,
    I have tried to send an email regarding this issue, but the email address provided is not valid. I have tried to order PDFs for your books on this website, but I get the following error:
    “This Connect account cannot currently make live charges. The `requirements.disabled_reason` property on the account will provide information about why this account is currently disabled. If you are a customer trying to make a purchase, please contact the owner of this site. Your transaction has not been processed.. You will now be returned to the payment form.”

    I am not sure if I am the only one having this issue, but I thought I would make you aware of this.

  27. Hello,
    I purchased Taming the Transcript and am unable to access the resource page using the password provided in the book. I tried emailing your contact email but it says it is not valid. Any help would be appreciated. (Thank you so much for making homeschooling high school less scary, more fun and completely doable! Keep up the great encouragement!)

    Thank you,

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