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The It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast

The podcast for real people homeschooling real teens

Listen to the It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool High School podcast while you drive or work around the house! Gain tips, tricks, and techniques to help you feel confident and successful homeschooling your REAL teen.


We’ll share real life successes, strategies, and struggles from years of experience homeschooling ornery ordinary kids through graduation, as well as interviews with experts in all aspects of this journey. You’ll be encouraged and equipped!

So you can confidently, competently, and even contentedly provide the high school education that best fits YOUR teen and YOUR family—and live to tell about it!






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Episodes (new every 1st & 3rd Friday):

Foreign Language
You've heard me talk before about the global economy that our kids will learn and work in! And what better way to ensure their vocational and future success than by ...
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how has online education changed?
The world of education has changed radically in the past few years and who better to address those changes than the Director of Excelsior Classes, Jodi Guerra! Jodi Guerra loves ...
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Learning styles and online learning
Learning Styles are as much a part of the Homeschooling Parents vocabulary as Ticonderoga Pencils and the jokes about denim jumpers. We love and embrace them and for good reason ...
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Delight Directed & Deep Learning
I think that we can all agree that one of the great benefits of homeschooling is the ability to allow our kids the time and freedom to follow areas of ...
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Finish Strong
It's been a full and busy year of learning, doing and growing! Maybe your kids have Seniorities; I know one of mine does! Maybe you are super ready for spring ...
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Evaluate Putting last year's homeschool to bed
It happens every year around this time- the school year is winding down! And with that comes the excitement of finishing the current school year, heading to the Homeschool Convention ...
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Episode 97: Assessments for your Homeschool Student!
Did you grow up dreading tests? I know I did. The very word can be intimidating! And while tests are a natural part of life, learning how to assess in ...
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Everyone feels like a failure as a homeschool mom at one time or another. In this episode, I take a new look at failure, so that you can emerge victorious ...
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I love this guest podcaster and her flair for homeschooling high school her way. Alyssa Woolf from YourUnbusyLife.com has great advice for the transition to high school -- including ideas ...
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Consideration for others ought to be a no-brainer as something to teach kids, but in this day and age, it seems not to be. Our teens may need some reminders ...
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I think unschooling high school sounds like an amazing thing, even though I never did it. But Julie Polanco of JulieNaturally.com is a pro at unschooling teens, and she has ...
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Grace is one of those things we all love to get but is often hard to give -- especially to our teens. We know it's our last chance to instruct ...
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It's always good to hear from someone with veteran homeschool experience -- not just someone who claims to be an expert when their oldest child is in third grade. Ya ...
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Overview: Structure and rules for teens should not be given up completely. Learn how to apply them in order to develop responsibility and security in your teen. Yes, teens are ...
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Sometimes it takes more than one person to convince you about something. For instance, I've been telling you to relax about homeschooling high school in almost every episode of this ...
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