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Years ago we created two Facebook groups which are now large and active — at any time you can get quick answers from other homeschool moms for whatever burning question you have! You can also interact directly with curriculum providers (see below for list of sponsors). Join today!

It can be hard to find good Facebook groups for homeschoolers, but we have two that are large and active. Join today!


It's Not That Hard to Homeschool High School (click to join) — 39.9K members as of 9/2023. This is the BEST place on the internet to chat about homeschooling high school, with an eclectic membership and lots of great conversation about everything from curriculum recommendations to parenting teens!


It's Not That Hard to Homeschool K-8 (click to join) — 10.9K members as of 3/2023. This is the sister group to the high school group. Also eclectic and growing fast, with both veteran and newbie homeschool moms joining the dialogue.

Beloved sponsors of our homeschool groups:

Here we feature the organizations that help us provide the resources and information you need for homeschool support. You can converse directly with these companies within the Facebook groups! Few other groups for homeschoolers allow this privilege. Note: Referral links may be present.

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Recommended Resources from Our Group Sponsors

Write From The Heart offers online classes in a unique format that allows scheduling flexibility but provides daily interaction and feedback. Your middle- and high-schoolers can take composition, literature, or AP English — or select a 4-week Workshop Intensive or Individual Coaching. Let someone who KNOWS writing teach and evaluate your kids! is the most reasonably priced complete Christian curriculum out there. They offer ALL subjects for ALL levels for ONE VERY LOW price! Most are video-based or PDF downloads; ALL are high-quality and just what you need to homeschool everyone in the family! Check out my review and behind-the-scenes video here: Review.

Sign It! American Sign Language Course is primarily aimed at teens and adults, but kids as young as 10yo have been known to enjoy it! It's funny and effective! Many colleges now accept ASL as the fulfillment of their foreign language credit requirements. This course would be a great fit for your hands-on kid — or for anyone!

Dreaming Spires Home Learning has live online classes taught in the Charlotte Mason style for all subjects. It's a wonderful way for your teen to enjoy homeschooling, interact with peers, and have accountability. Not to mention the grading is done for you! Read my review here: Using Charlotte Mason Methods for High School — and then go sign up NOW!

Spanish Educational Solutions offers Spanish classes for all levels, K-12. You can also sign up for individual tutoring or a small study group. Senora Morata is a native Spanish speaker who also has a Masters in education — she's the best of both worlds! She focuses not on merely the grammar but on building confidence in speaking the language. This is a great option for foreign language credit!

Mark Pruitt has written Making the Grade, a book that teaches how to study at the college level. He also offers a college prep course. This would be an excellent elective in one of those hard-to-define areas that it can be hard to know how to train your teen. Mark has you covered!

Squilt Music Appreciation, created by Mary Prather of Homegrown Learners, offers live music appreciation lessons in the Squilt Live community for your elementary age kid. Or purchase PDF lesson plans to do your own! Get ANY kid to understand and enjoy all kinds of music!

True North Homeschool Academy has a HUGE selection of live, interactive classes, including all the core courses you need and lots of high school electives you can't find elsewhere. Great for the working mom or when you need more accountability — or peer interaction — for your teen.

Kristin Moon Science offers self-paced and live high school science classes taught by someone who loves science and will get your kid excited about it, too! And we have an exclusive discount code: ANNIE10 gets you 10% off the self-paced courses (including Biology and Chemistry video labs) through 8/31/22!

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) offers standardized tests that your kid can take online AT HOME. You can use the original CLT in place of the ACT or SAT; it is accepted at many colleges. They also have the CLT10 to replace the PSAT (and still earn scholarships) and the CLT8 to help determine high school readiness. If your state has a testing requirement, the CLT is a great way to fulfill it! More details here: Homeschool Assessment Time.

CTC Math is the least expensive online math program for all levels — and it's thorough and effective. It is self-paced, and video-based, and they send you all the results via email. It's not frilly or silly — but it gets the job done! Plus, every kid gets access to every level, so you can really save money if your kid moves quickly. Read my review here: A Math Teacher Looks at CTC Math.

Veritas Press has long been the gold standard in Classical homeschool education — I used to get their catalog when my kids were little! They offer individual curriculum for all subjects, or their Omnibus program gives you the complete package of all subjects and plans for the year. Now they have live classes, as well! This is a doable way to extend your Classical homeschool through the high school years.

Breaking the Barrier is a foreign language curriculum that has everything your teen needs for a solid high school credit. Offering Spanish and French, they provide grammar instruction along with an oral component as well as an Ipad app. True story: one of my daughters ended up studying in France IN FRENCH after having started with Breaking the Barrier!

Rabbit Trails Homechool has literature-based curriculum for language arts, history, and science for elementary ages. It's a fun way to encourage delightful learning as you follow “rabbit trails” that can take you to amazing places — and learn along the way! There is also a monthly membership. Definitely worth taking a look!

Music in Our Homeschool offers music appreciation courses for all ages, as well as a membership subscription with exclusive content. All done in a very Charlotte Mason way, with complete lesson plans and links to videos for each piece. So much to choose from! And all of it is very engaging for any kid. See my review here: How to Get Fine Arts Credits for Your Homeschooled Teen.

Unlock Math is an undersung online video-based math curriculum for all levels of high school math. Instruction is given in small chunks, and your teen can practice and review as much as they need with different problem sets. All the grading is done for you, and the owners handle their own customer service — so you're getting the best! See my review here: Using an Online Math Curriculum.

ChemExplained is an online course that explains chemistry so that any student can succeed. With three levels of difficulty, every student can get the high school science credit they need. Taught by an experienced, award-winning teacher, and complete with video labs you can follow along with (or do!) at home. Plus AMAZING customer service! See my review here: ChemExplained Review.

Excelsior Classes offers live online classes from a Christian worldview in all subjects, including some nifty electives, for grades 6-12. It's one of the few curriculum providers that is pre-approved by the NCAA. They also have independent study and honors classes and clubs! Get the best of all worlds!

Bryan College actually employs a homeschool specialist who homeschooled her own six (or is it eight? I forget!) kids. They offer online dual enrollment classes and a Summer Institute for ages 14-18, which is a week-long discipleship immersion experience. And it's a great place to send your kid to college!

7Sisters Homeschool is THE place to get individual book literature guides (and cinema guides for movies!) They also have full-year language arts for high school, plus electives such as financial literacy and career exploration AND SO MUCH MORE. All ridiculously reasonably priced and instantly accessed as PDF's — and this month we get an exclusive discount of 50% OFF YOUR CART when you use code 7NotThatHard. Woot!

BookShark is a literature-based curriculum for all levels through 10th grade that helps you homeschool with confidence. They plan it all out for you, and now they have their Virtual Option which takes even more of the work off your hands! Make homeschooling fun again by learning around literature with the whole family.

Hewitt Learning is the home of Lightning Literature for all levels — we used it for high school and loved it! Plus they have PASS testing and many other resources for the homeschool family. You can also enroll your student in Hewitt Homeschooling if you would like more help and oversight. Check out my mini-review of Lightning Literature here: Homechool Literature Curriculum Options when Your Teen Hates to Read.

Nicole the Math Lady is the gal you need to make Saxon Math your favorite math curriculum! She has instructional videos, online grading, and even study hall. She’s also just a great person — your kids of all ages will love her! Start your FREE TRIAL today!

Wild World of History is your source for fact-based high school American and World history taught by Larry Schweikart, a former rock-and-roll drummer turned tenured college professor who will take your teen on a wild adventure into the past. Get a free sample of the curriculum to see how engaging and fun history can be!

FunCation Academy is an all-in-one K-12 curriculum designed for homeschoolers. They provide full online curriculum and live teaching support. Plus there are student activities and clubs to join! Choose from three levels depending on which subjects and how much support you need.

Beyond Personal Finance is a one-semester class for teens to show them what adulting REALLY means. Choose from interactive self-paced or live formats. It's not about the knowledge, it's about your teen seeing how their choices will affect their lives. Good stuff!

Thrive Academics offers the Voyage Life Skills Course for teens that is online and interactive and fun! Modules include career planning, college planning, financial responsibility, and more! And the price is very affordable. See my review here: How to Learn Life Skills for High School Credit.

Grammar Galaxy is the grammar curriculum your K-8 student needs. Why learn the boring way when you can go on missions to save the universe and practice grammar at the same time? Dr. Melanie Wilson from the Homeschool Sanity podcast has written this wonderful curriculum which will engage your kids and make learning fun.

Jessica Waldock of The Waldock Way has created unit studies, planners, and other printables to help create fun AND learning in your homeschool. These resources are PDF downloads for instant gratification, and they are very reasonably priced — some are even free!

College Prep Science offers ALL the high school science classes your teen needs — live or self-paced, plus in-person lab intensives or virtual interactive labs. Register now for the 2022-23 school year.

College Prep Genius (similar name as above but not the same company at all) is the BEST curriculum for preparing for the SAT or ACT. It shows your kid how to do every type of problem and get through the test quickly, thus raising their score. Read my review: How Your Teen Can Pay for College.

The College Action Plan System will help you select the best college for your teen and figure out how to pay for it. Includes a detailed questionaire for your to gather data and make great decisions.

Mr D Math is well known for quality online math instruction — and now Mr D offers other subjects, too! Live classes and also self-paced video. Read my exclusive interview here: Homeschool High School Online with Mr D.

Chalk Pastel offers video art lessons plus an art membership with live classes taught by Nana. Your kids will love doing “real” art, and you’ll love the convenience!

Literary Adventures for Kids, the creation of Dachelle McVey of Hide the Chocolate, provides literature studies for ALL levels, with many formats to choose from. Select individual book studies or a full-year curriculum. Join a Book Club membership. Or enjoy a unit study with a literature spine. Make reading an adventure!

Give teens the basic government and economics you know they will need!

Economics, government, and history curriculum for high schools, colleges, homeschools, and other inquisitive minds.

The Vocal Gym for Homeschool is a Carnegie credit-qualifying online course that offers self-paced, interactive learning for homeschooled high school students (ages 12+) interested in singing. The course utilizes the highest U.S. State standards for classroom Artistic Processes and Blooms Taxonomies integrated throughout the curriculum. See our Overview: The Vocal Gym for Homeschool: Elevating High School Singing Education

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