Homeschool High School Math ONLINE with Mr. D Math – an exclusive interview!

Overview: Mr D Math offers a homeschool high school math program that will do everything so you can relax! Mr. D makes math FUN for teens and EASY for moms! In full disclosure, I was compensated to write this review – but I would have said the exact same stuff if I had not been. Truly!

Sometimes you just wanna know MORE about something before you commit, especially when there is a fair amount of green stuff involved! Ya know?

Like that used car you're thinking about buying for your teen, your baby who is DRIVING already. It needs to have the highest safety rating EVER!! Sniffle!

Or the weather at your vacation destination the day you're planning on going to the pricey amusement park. Cuz climbing into a wet roller-coaster seat ain't much fun, am I right? If the ride is running at all! Sigh.


I'm being totally serious here — this high school math stuff is complicated! And you may feel like you are incapable of helping in any way, shape, or form. So you want a program that will DO. IT. ALL.

Well, I have found an all-in-one homeschool high school math program that handles everything so you can relax! It is called Mr. D Math (referral link). And what I have learned about Mr. D Math makes me very confident in recommending it to ANYONE who is homeschooling high school.

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Homeschool high school math has never been easier! Get behind-the-scenes info about Mr. D Math from an exclusive interview with Mr. D himself. Check it out!

Actually, it's not just what I've learned about his math program but what I've learned about Mr. D himself! I got an exclusive interview, y'all!!  –So if you're the type who wants to know MORE than the usual info, this article is for you.

I'm going to give you lotsa deets about Mr D and his homeschool high school math program! You're going to feel like you know HIM better, and as a result, you'll feel confident about signing up your teen for one of his classes.

An Overview of Mr D Homeschool High School Math

First, as background, let's take a look at what Mr. D Math offers:

  • homeschool high school math courses from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus
  • online live classes or self-paced video lessons (you must choose one or the other, but there is the possibility of switching to the other option if the one you selected isn't working for you)
  • Curriculum, instruction, quizzes, tests, and grading
  • ANSWERS when your kid gets stuck – via regular online live help sessions or email. Try to find this with any other math program. I dare you! :-)
  • SAT/ACT math prep classes
  • a Life Skills class
  • Live, local math co-op classes in certain locations
  • FUN — Mr. D and his fellow instructors keep class time lively and interesting for teens! Kids LOVE it!!

My first experience with Mr. D was when my son, a junior at the time, took his SAT Math Bootcamp. I was SUPER impressed, and I wrote a review, including screen shots and the nuts and bolts of how the class was conducted, here: ACT and SAT Math Prep with Mr. D!

But I never pursued Mr. D's other classes — I'll be honest; the price tag kept me away. But knowing what I know now, I wish I hadn't let that stop me…

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Mr. D himself at the Great Homeschool Convention in St. Louis. And I gotta say, he is a personable, totally fun dude. He had me laughing out loud SEVERAL times. He went over to a piano in the exhibit hall and played and sang an Elton John song — just because! And he has a HUGE heart for teens. And ALL OF THAT comes across as he teaches. And he has picked his other instructors to have the same energy and warmth. And I am a fan! (Can you tell? lol)

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Homeschool high school math has never been easier! Get behind-the-scenes info about Mr. D Math from an exclusive interview with Mr. D himself. Check it out!

I asked him some questions via email, and the following is the result. I think you're gonna see that Mr. D is not only a whiz at helping teens learn math, but he is an eclectic person who brings an energy to everything he does. Which can only make the “helping teens learn math” thing BETTER, am I right?

So without further ado, let's see what Mr. D has to say about math, learning, and life! LOL

Homeschool High School Math from Mr. D's Perspective

A&E: How long have you been teaching math? What did you do before starting Mr D Math?

Mr. D: Since 1988. 30 Years. I was a classroom teacher and I ran a professional tutoring company.

A&E: What made you decide to go online, when was that, and what were the early years like?

Mr. D: In the early years… LOL… I was making DVD’s for each student.  I started two math co-op programs in Florida and would hand-carry the DVD’s each week. This was really time consuming, and I wanted to be more online. I wanted students to be able to have access to their course anytime, anywhere, and from any device. The search for an online curriculum platform began.  The first one was limited, to say the least, and hard to navigate. The gradebook was an excel spreadsheet that I created so students and moms had to learn excel to use it. UGH!

Now we use a great platform that has an online grade book and messaging system. I realized that in order to serve students outside of my driving radius, I was going to have to do something different. I researched online class platforms and have used several.  Now we use Zoom and love it.

A&E: Ever since you told me about it at GHC, I have been totally fascinated by the fact that you don't live in the US for most of the year. Would you be willing to tell the readers where you live, why, and some fun details about what it is like?

Mr. D: My son was accepted into a music and dance conservatory in Valencia, Spain. He is going to be a professional Flamenco dancer. Living in Spain has opened my eyes to a great big world out there. Seeing another culture has been a blessing to me to see how we are all alike and different at the same time. I even started taking trumpet lessons again there. I have been playing music since I was 11.

A&E: What makes Mr. D Math different than other online homeschool high school math programs?

Mr. D: Because we totally rock!  LOL

We are a college prep program.  We are in communication with our students.  We provide live online help sessions for students weekly as well as live online classes. Our curriculum is 100% web-based, too.

As a curriculum we teach problem solving skills and the language of math first. In fact, we say right from the first section of our first course that math is a language — and prove it!

I also have a background in counseling, with a focus on the learning styles of students. I wrote the curriculum with consideration for what students might be thinking about as they see the sections. The course is in the language of a young person and not the language of a math professor. Students tell us all the time that things make sense to them. That has to do with how we communicate our material to them.

By the way, there are so many great math programs out there.  We are one of them!

A&E: You seem to just totally get teens. Why is that? What were you like as a teen? What do you think a homeschooling teen's biggest need is?

Mr. D: I’m still a teen!

I was a teen who wanted to be a professional baseball player, play trumpet for a famous rock band, and run a business.  So basically I am just a classic case of someone with ADD.

A homeschooling teen’s biggest need is to know they are not alone. I want to support teens in living a life they love and making a difference in the world. They need to know we are counting on them to be that difference. How they accomplish that is by having an amazing life and doing what they love to do, whatever that might be.

A&E: What is the biggest problem kids have with math? How does Mr. D Math address this?

Mr. D: They don’t understand what they are learning or why they are learning it.

We teach the language of math first. Next we tell students that they are learning problem-solving skills by learning math, and they will be solving problems no matter what they do in life. Lastly while they may not be using some or even a lot of what they are asked to learn, having an appreciation for where the skills impact their lives gives them space to have respect for this awesome subject area.

A&E: What is your favorite food?

Mr. D: I am vegan!

My favorite foods are French Fries and Vegan Pizza (i.e., order a veggie pizza with no cheese. P.S. It is awesome!) LOL

A&E: What do you do for fun?

Mr. D: Music!

I have been known to frequent Karaoke places and open mic nights.  I even am invited once in a while to sing with a couple of local bands when I am in the US. I have been to open mic nights in Spain where I speak English and the band speaks Spanish, but like math, music is a universal language.

A&E: You also offer a life skills course. What skills does it address? Do you teach that personally? Is it live or video? What else should we know about it?

Mr. D: Life Skills 4 Teens. I love this class! We work on:
Goal Setting
Financial Literacy
Communication Skills
Learning Styles
Leadership Skills
and of course, Time Management.

We are working on a new full-semester course scheduled to be available in January 2019. Currently it is a 6-week course. I teach all the sections. It is a live, online class.

A&E: And the co-ops! Wow! How have these been going? How long have you had them? Tell us all about them!

Mr. D: I started the math portions of the co-ops in Tampa and Sarasota. Now we have teachers in these locations and many more. I love working with co-ops as we can train and develop teachers organically in their home area. It is a great outreach for us!

Tampa and Sarasota – since 2010
Pennsylvania started last year
Everyone else started in between 2010 and now!

They all have their own teachers, and after teachers have been successfully working for 2 years or more there, they can look at teaching our online extra help sessions and and live classes, too.

(Commentary from me: I met Mr. H, one of Mr. D's other teachers, and he is also just as vibrant and fun, with a great smile and a joy in teaching. I know his classes will be just as wonderful as Mr. D's!)

A&E: What else would you like readers to know about Mr. D Math?

Mr. D: Homeschool families are my heroes. What it takes to be ultimately responsible for their child’s development is courageous. Homeschoolers are the pioneers for truly seeing what is possible in education.

Doesn't that just say it all?

By now it should be obvious that Mr. D Math is an amazing homeschool high school math program that is the result of one man's hard work and dedication to teens and to the homeschool community.

When I think about the pricing of the courses based on all that is offered and all that has gone before to bring the quality to this point, I wonder why I thought it was too high for us. If we weren't already signed up to do Geometry at our local homeshool co-op with a completely different curriculum, we would be signing up for Mr. D Geometry, with whichever teacher still has openings. And we might still do that, anyway. Gonna talk with the hubby!

UPDATE: We ditched the co-op Geometry and went with Mr D Math — my daughter had Mr. H as an instructor, and he was awesome!

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So, now you know Mr. D and his homeschool high school math program MUCH better, lol. Have enough info now to want to go check out his site? Maybe even more than enough? Grin! Click the link below (referral):

Mr. D Math sounds amazing and I want to check it out!

And here's Mr D on Facebook: MR D ON FACEBOOK

If you purchase Mr D Math for your teen, your worries about homeschool high school math are over! Done! No more of that craziness! Don't you feel relieved already? HUGS!!

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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