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ACT & SAT Math Practice with Mr. D!

Overview: Mr. D's SAT Math Practice Bootcamp is a great way to help your teen feel more confident. There is one for ACT math, too! We did receive free access to the course, and I was compensated for my time to write this review. But I was not required to be positive — you can count on me to be straight with y'all.

If you have a junior in high school, like I do this year, then right now is the beginning of testing season. Have you begun any kind of ACT or SAT preparation? Those high school math questions can be kinda tricky, don't ya know. I am thoroughly excited to have found a resource for SAT math practice that really is helping my teen in this vital aspect of preparing for college. It is called Mr. D's SAT Bootcamp.

SAT Math Practice -- this is the BEST way to get it! And ACT, too! Build confidence in your teen so they can get the score they deserve. Check it out!

I do think that it is important to build some college entrance exam preparation into our homeschool high school curriculum. We discovered the hard way that scores on these exams weigh heavily when it comes to receiving college scholarships. To be honest, they seem to count for EVERYTHING. The other stuff that we want to think matters — like grades, leadership, etc. — doesn't really weigh much at all, perhaps NOT AT ALL. Seriously.

So getting good scores on these tests is IMPORTANT. If you care about how much you spend on post-secondary education, that is. Um, which I do, hello.

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And it seems like the math section on these tests is the most intimidating. My kids do pretty well on math in the home environment, where they can work at their own pace and consult the book when necessary. But put them in a timed test and all composure flies out the window. They forget a lot of what they know, just because of the pressure of the environment. Well, one way to lessen that pressure is to help them to feel fully prepared.

Enter Mr. D. Mr. D does online interactive math courses. He has several, including your standard Algebra, Geometry, etc. — all the usual high school levels. But he also does real-time prep courses for both the SAT and the ACT. We were able to participate in the SAT math practice course called SAT Bootcamp.

And I gotta say, it would be easy for an unnamed middle-aged gal to have a crush on the dude, if she weren't already happily married. LOL. The first time you meet him, you immediately see that he is just a NICE GUY. He is personable. He is funny. He is laid back. He is pretty much perfect for the job he has set out to do — which is to take the nervousness factor out of your teen's head and help them feel prepared to take the dreaded SAT or ACT math test.

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What is Mr. D's SAT math practice Bootcamp like?

SAT Bootcamp is a 6-week, real-time, interactive course that gives your child the confidence they need to show their true knowledge on the SAT math test.  It meets once per week for an hour.  In addition to taking students step-by-step through an entire SAT math test (and maybe more than one; we haven't finished the course yet), he provides many tips and tricks for how to approach each problem, as well as the test itself.  He tells the students which formulas they need to know. He guides them in general test-taking strategies (like sometimes when you don't know the exact answer you can eliminate the ones that are obviously wrong). He shows them the best ways to find solutions quickly; and he explores many different ways to solve the same problem, so your student can work it in the way that is most comfortable. He answers questions and cracks jokes.

His point is finding ways to make taking the SAT math test EASIER — and you know that making things easier is what I'm all about!  :-)

And he does it all in such a relatable style that your student is relaxed and actually having fun.  Mr. D gets teens. He appears to even enjoy them, amazing as that sounds, lol. My son is reminding ME when it's time to logon for class now, rather than the other way around.

The interface for the course is top-notch.  My son the computer geek (or is it “nerd”? I'm confused by the current use of those terms, lol) is impressed with it, which says quite a lot. You see Mr. D himself, live and in real-time, in one portion of the screen, and in another section you see his writing as it happens. As he underlines key words in the question, or crosses out an unreasonable choice, or solves a problem, you get to watch.

SAT math practice -- this is the BEST way to get it! And ACT, too! Build confidence in your teen so they can get the score they deserve. Check it out!

The students can text chat with Mr. D throughout class; in fact, he encourages it. He asks LOTS of questions, expecting all of the students to answer. And the neat thing is, it's not like a standard classroom where once someone says the answer, everybody else is off the hook. NOPE. The students can't see each others' texts, so each one is responsible to answer for themselves. And if a student has a question, it's a simple matter to type it in and receive a thorough explanation in return.

And hey, you can snack while you learn! For my needs-longer-jeans-every-time-I-turn-around teenage son, this is a game-changer. LOL.

SAT math practice -- this is the BEST way to get it! And ACT, too! Build confidence in your teen so they can get the score they deserve. Check it out!

And there are more SAT math practice resources included:

In addition to the class time itself, students are given access to the Mr. D Math Test Prep Portal, which has even more video training and also math games, practice activities aimed at the new SAT, links to further resources, and more.

Y'all, we've done it both ways in our family — do-it-yourself ACT and SAT practice, and now taking Mr. D's SAT Bootcamp course — and I will freely admit that Mr. D is the winner here, hands down. I can already tell that my son will be approaching SAT test day with much more confidence and optimism than his sisters did, which means that his score will accurately show what he knows. Which is what we're aiming for, right?

Don't let the dread of the SAT (or ACT) math test get you down. With a little SAT math practice from Mr. D, your teen will rock that thing! And your own stress level will be greatly reduced, which is always a result to be desired, lol. GO REGISTER NOW! Don't forget to use code ANNIE10 to get 10% off!

P.S. Mr. D also has a life skills course — check it out here: Mr. D Life Skills 4 Teens

P.P.S. Visit Mr. D on Facebook, and Twitter, and YouTube!

t's time for the SAT and ACT -- is your teen prepared? I know a great way to get SAT math practice (and ACT also, BTW) that will build confidence in your teen, resulting in the best possible score. Check it out!
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  1. Thank you for the review of Mr. D’s SAT Bootcamp. I love the desk your son is using to study. Do you mind sharing where you bought it?

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