Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School – a step-by-step handbook for research and planning

You woke up recently and realized that your tomorrows are now TODAY.

That kid who was just born yesterday—really!—is all of a sudden ready to start high school SOON.

And you are feeling like a deer in the headlights, panicked and not knowing which way to turn or how to proceed.

Step-by-step guidance through all the homeschool high school planning and research needed - so you don't miss anything important!

∞ Homeschooling high school seems like a HUGE responsibility. You've heard there is a long list of things you should do, and it's all a bit overwhelming.

∞ You feel so inadequate for the task ahead. How will you teach Chemistry or Geometry or writing or history when you don't remember ANY of it?

∞ You're up at night wondering if you will ruin your teen's future. How will you know if  you're doing enough? Will they be behind? How can you be sure you're not missing anything?

∞ This is a human life we are talking about, and every decision you make now could affect them for the rest of their life. You don't want to mess this up.

∞ But you're so confused by all the voices out there.

What you need is a guide to walk you through. 

At least for the beginning stages of this endeavor—you know, the part with all the decision-making that seems like it could make or break your teen's existence forever. So instead of floundering or wasting time, you can:

-> Create a solid foundation to start from and have a plan for the rest that you can feel good about.

-> Sort through all that well-intentioned advice and decide how to make this work for YOU and YOUR teen.

-> Prove to your friends and family that you are not just “winging it”—and that keeping your teen home through the high school years really won't stifle their academic development or their ability to delve into what interests them.

-> Approach the whole homeschool high school thing with confidence—not trepidation or insecurity or sleepless nights. Wouldn't that be wonderful?


Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School — A Step-by-Step Handbook for Research and Planning

So you can be SURE you're not missing ANYTHING. Truly.

Step-by-step guidance through all the homeschool high school planning and research needed - so you don't miss anything important!

This 77-page manual—available either as a printable ebook or as a paperback—guides you one step at a time through the process of researching and planning how to homeschool your teen through high school.

The end result is a complete coursework map which will include everything needed to prepare your teen for whatever they want to do after graduation, no matter whether they want to go to college or straight into the workplace.

When you read Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School, you will:

->Discern what research you really need to do (and how to do it), so you won't be confused by what everyone else is telling you. You'll see for yourself what is crucial and what you can safely ignore.

->Develop a big-picture view for YOUR family, so you can make wise decisions about all the things—and understand why you're making them. 

->Map out your planning process from beginning to end with convenient fill-in forms. This means no second-guessing later.

->Discover answers to all those pesky questions that you have right now about all the little details of academic planning for high school.

->Gain the confidence to know that YOU—an ordinary mom—can homeschool high school successfully. Without losing your sanity or messing up your teen's life!

Fear is one way of describing the idea of homeschooling two high schoolers next year. Dread. Self-Doubt. I thought there was a lack of information on how to go about the whole process. I didn’t know where to look. Ann’s book Cure the Fear was just the book I needed! Not only did it answer all the questions I had — plus a few I didn’t. She shows you how to find the information, what it means, how you can use it to work for you, not against you. She even offers suggestions on how to find the best curriculum for your child and how to adjust that to your child’s unique needs. By the end of the book, I couldn’t wait to get planning high school! –Jen Mackinnon

In Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High School, you’ll learn:

  • the key to finding out what your teen needs to do to get into college
  • the mystery behind counting credits and how many your high schooler should have to graduate
  • the solution to the problem of having to teach Chemistry when you only barely passed it yourself
  • the truth about AP, honors, and dual enrollment
  • how to plan for the non-academic teen
  • and more!

There are 8 forms that you will complete as you go, from the crucial confidence-boosting first step to the final schedule of courses and curriculum. And they’re pretty. :-)

Chapters Included:

1: Easing Your Fears
2: The Crucial Confidence-Boosting First Step
3: What Should YOU Require?
4: The General Credits Plan
5: Planning Core Courses
6: Planning Electives
7: Choosing the Best Curriculum for YOUR Homeschool
8: More Encouragement as You Plan
9: Now What?

Our oldest in right in the middle of middle school, so high school has definitely been on my mind recently. I’ve read a lot of encouraging articles about homeschooling through high school that assure me that yes, it really is possible. And I guess I figured we’d find a way to muddle through. But Ann’s book Cure the Fear of Homeschooling through High School was exactly what I needed to feel not just “okay” but to know that I had a plan in place. Her approach is very practical and very hands-on. She sends you right to pertinent resources and provides you with just the tools you need to organize and compare what you find. She takes you from big-picture long-term goals and drills right down to the details. There’s no comfort like getting a clear look at what’s ahead and knowing you have the resources to make the decisions you’ll need to make! –Lynna Sutherland

Cure the Fear is a small investment that will save you a lot of time, frustration, and worry—and help you gain PEACE OF MIND.

See how you can transform from fearful to fantastic as you prepare to homeschool your teen! Grab your copy today!


How do I pay? If you purchase the printable PDF, you will need to enter a credit or debit card number. On Amazon, your usual payment options will apply.

What happens after I purchase the printable PDF? You will receive an email with the download link. Click on that, and the ebook will open in your browser. You must save the book to your own device by clicking on the down arrow at the top right of the screen. Be sure to specify which folder you want it saved to. Once it has been saved to your device, you can open it from there and you won’t need the email link again.

How long does it take to work through the book? As long or as short a time as you want it to. All of the reading, researching, and filling in forms can be done within just a few days. You may prefer to take longer, so you can spend time considering each step before making decisions, but it is not necessary.

Why is this book priced so much more than other books out there? This book is unique; there is not a product out there like it, to my knowledge. It is not just a read-and-forget “encouragement” book; it is a workbook that encompasses everything you will need in order to start from square one and move step-by-step through the entire process of planning your teen's high school coursework.

Isn't your child's education worth the equivalent of dinner-and-a-cookie at Chick-Fil-A?

Also, this book is a full 8.5 x 11 inches, to give you plenty of room to fill in the worksheets and to make it easy for you to organize everything into a binder.

Plus, you can use the book again and again with each of your remaining children.

I promise you won't regret your purchase. But if you do, then see the next question.

What if I don’t like the book? If after reading it you don't feel equipped to make better decisions about homeschooling high school, then I will fully refund your money. Every product I create is covered by my Annie & Everything Guarantee. Just send me an email and let me know what you needed to be in there that wasn't.

If the thought of homeschooling through high school causes your knees to shake and your heart to pound, then I highly recommend you read Ann Karako’s Cure the Fear of Homeschooling High SchoolThis book is a God-send! Not only does Ann ease parents’ fears with her conversational style, but she also takes them by the hand and leads them through the process step-by-step. Complete with worksheets, a training video, and tons of practical advice, this book helps each reader to develop a unique high school plan for each of their children. Do yourself a favor and buy this book! –Michelle Caskey

I've been there, done that.

Hi, I'm Ann. I was exactly like you. I was intimidated by the thought of homeschooling my first child through high school. I had no idea what to do or who to believe. I had to find out for myself what was REALLY necessary for preparing my daughter for college and/or the “real world.”

Since then I have graduated five children who have all been accepted to the colleges of their choice. My eldest obtained her Master’s degree. #3 spent a year studying in France and graduated with a double major. #2 and #4 actually decided not to finish the college thing after all and instead are working at jobs they enjoy. #5 is about to finish her freshman year. NONE of them were “ruined” by spending their high school years at home.

I believe EVERY mom can CONFIDENTLY, COMPETENTLY—and even CONTENTEDLY—provide the COMPLETE high school education her teen needs. And this book will help you get there.

This book is the resource I desperately needed when I began homeschooling high school. Ann simplifies the planning process with step-by-step directions, printable worksheets, and plenty of encouragement along the way. You will be able to plan the high school years with confidence, knowing that you have covered everything your child needs for graduation and beyond. Highly recommended for all homeschool parents! –Judy Hoch

Even after reading several books about the final stretch and creating a basic plan for the upcoming high school years, I was surprised to learn so many new nuggets from Cure the Fear. It is a no-fail guide to simple planning that will calm your fears and help you launch into high school well. –Jamie Erickson

Why keep wondering and worrying when you can feel better by the time you’ve read the first chapter?

See you inside the book!