Homeschooling High School at Great Homeschool Conventions

Overview: Go to a Great Homeschool Convention to find out more about homeschooling high school. There will be learning opportunities for both teens AND parents! Note: This post is sponsored by GHC, but all opinions are my own. It was originally written in 2019 but has been updated for the 2021 convention season.

Didja ever decide to go to a movie, and then when you looked at what was playing, nothing sounded good?

Or at a restaurant, when you FINALLY have a chance to eat out, they have run out of the one thing you wanted. So disappointing!

Sometimes you go to all the effort to get yourself to a homeschool conference, but then none of the speakers are talking about anything you're interested in or don't already know. Ya know?

This is especially true when you're ready to homeschool high school. Many homeschool conferences seem to be lacking in resources for those who want to learn more about homeschooling their teen.

Often there are sessions about taking the ACT and SAT, or building an attractive transcript — and those are important; don't get me wrong — but they are the end game. They're not topics you need to know about when you're still trying to figure out what to do for 9th grade, hello.

Well, I think that's about to change. I think the Great Homeschool Conventions people are beginning to see the importance of meeting the needs of parents with kids about to start high school — or already in it.

In fact, I know that ALL of their conventions this year will have at least three AMAZING sessions all about homeschooling high school — sessions that will answer your fears and your questions, the ones you know about AND the ones you haven't realized you have yet! But more on that later. :-)

For the teen

One thing that is happening in 2020 at ALL GHC conventions is their Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track. This is a series of sessions JUST FOR TEENS, all about things they need to be solidifying in their hearts and minds as they prepare to head out into the real world.

What parent doesn't want their teen to be exposed to great Biblical truths — from someone else? We all know that we can talk 'til we're blue in the face about these things, and our teens may or may not decide that we're worth listening to. But when another adult says the exact same things, our teens are all ears and excited to hear more.

Well, bring your teen to GHC and set them loose in the Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track, and then you can be free to pursue what YOU are interested in. Rest in the knowledge that your teen will be meeting other like-minded teens, which means that they will be finding out that your family isn't so weird after all, because there are others out there who believe the same things. Well, whadda ya know about that? :-)

You only have to look at the list of speakers to know that your teen will be hearing some quality stuff. Your teen will be challenged, inspired, and come away with a new sense of their faith and how it applies to life. This is a good thing!

But I can hear what you're thinking right about now: “I mean, it's great that my teen will have such a great time, that's all great, and all — but what about me?? I'm the homeschool mom who has to put up with that teen every day. Don't I get any sessions where I can be motivated and inspired about homeschooling high school?”

For the mom

Well, the answer is YES, YOU DO. And this is the part that I am super excited about!

(BTW, I've already written why it's a good idea to go to a Great Homeschool Convention to be recharged in ALL areas. See Great Homeschool Conventions: the BEST way for homeschool moms to recharge. What follows here is high school specific.)

Jean Burk, mentioned above, has several sessions about homeschooling high school, not just about preparing for the SAT but also about transcripts, scholarships, and even a session called High School 101 that covers many of the questions I know you might have right now.

Another high school speaker is Janice Campbell. I met her at the GHC I attended last year, and she felt like a kindred spirit. She (along with Jean) will be at EVERY convention that GHC is doing in 2021. She has a session about high school in general, and also about teaching literature to teens (always a needed topic, am I right?).

Then there is also my fun friend Mr. D (Dennis DiNoia)! He will be speaking about teaching your kids to become self-directed learners, which is something I highly recommend for high school. He also has sessions about taking the SAT and making test scores soar — and with his fun humor and practical ideas, I know you'll feel encouraged.

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You can register here: Great Homeschool Conventions Registration

See you in SC, MO, CA, TX, FL, NY, & OH!

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