Review – why it’s the best Christian homeschool curriculum online

Overview: A review that identifies all the reasons it is the best Christian homeschool curriculum currently available. Note: This article was sponsored by but all opinions are my own.

I confess sometimes I'm envious of all the neato things they have for babies these days. There is so much cool stuff now that wasn't around when I was a mom of littles. Taking care of a baby must be SO much easier!

The same thing is true of all the resources that are available for homeschoolers now, that I didn't know existed or weren't around when I was in the trenches with all my kids. Y'all have so many options that make homeschooling so much less stressful!

For instance: back in the day, I was always on the lookout for Christian homeschool curriculum that wouldn't break the bank — with five kids this was a definitely consideration, hello. I also needed it to be easy for me, thorough but not frustrating for the kids, and allow me to adapt it for my own situation.

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Well, recently I heard about, and WOW. In my opinion this is the BEST Christian homeschool curriculum out there, because it checks all my boxes and then some. I wish it had been around in time to use it for myself!

We all know about all the other big-name Christian homeschool curriculum options: Abeka, Bob Jones, Alpha Omega, Liberty Online… But I think is better than all of those, and in this article I will give you all the reasons why. I'll also provide a video that walks you through what has to offer so you can see it for yourself!

A review that identifies all the reasons it is the best Christian homeschool curriculum currently available.

First, an overview: offers online, self-paced homeschool courses from a Christian viewpoint for ALL levels Pre-K to 12. They work on a monthly (or quarterly, or yearly) subscription model — you pay at regular intervals, and you get access to EVERYTHING they have.

Included in the membership is access to recordkeeping software, the printable Smart Mama Planner (more on this in the video), a members forum Facebook group to meet and greet with other members and ask any questions, a standing invitation to monthly Zoom chats to gain encouragement and fellowship “in person” with other homeschool moms, and a free subscription to their print magazine, The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. Not to mention all the customer support, tutorials, and general homeschool info that you will ever need — and so much more that I can't even name it all!

This makes it a one-stop (and one payment) shop for absolutely EVERYTHING you need to homeschool your entire family — except paper and pencils, of course. Doesn't that sound AMAZING? Takes a load of stress off, doesn't it?

Think about it: If you choose to purchase a membership, there will be no more searching for curriculum, reading a gazillion reviews, spending money on shipping, dealing with the hassle of returning what you don't like, etc. etc. etc. — times however many kids you have, hello.

  • No more worry about whether the content of a course will reflect your Christian values — they've vetted them all for you.
  • No more not knowing where to get the help you need when you have questions.
  • And LOTS more time for your kids and you to enjoy homeschooling, growing in your relationships with one another and with God.

But let me get down into the nitty gritty of the details that prove that is the best Christian homeschool curriculum for anyone, even when compared to all the big names. I think you'll agree with me by the end of this review!

What makes the best Christian homeschool curriculum?

1. Cost.

In an ideal world we wouldn't be talking about cost first. But the reality for many homeschool families is that the budget takes primary consideration when making curriculum decisions. After all, “free homeschool curriculum” is used as a search term over 8000 times per month, and the other variations on this idea make up multiple thousands more times each month that people are looking for a way to homeschool cheaply.

Well, is not free. But it is RIDICULOUSLY reasonably priced, especially considering the one cost gets you EVERYTHING you need for the entire family AND for yourself!

Brace yourself, because this is going to be jaw-dropping: the current cost of an Ultimate membership is $224.97 per year, or $24.97 per month (if you prefer to pay that way).
Let's just break this down a bit.

  • The Smart Mama planner costs $34 without a membership.
  • The Silver level of Applecore recordkeeping software (which is the level included in your monthly or quarterly membership) costs $45 per year without a membership. The GOLD level (included in a yearly membership) costs $55 per year when purchased separately. (The Gold level is the one that provides transcript support, btw.)
  • The print version of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine is $29 per year without a membership.
  • For your teen, you will most likely pay MORE than $225 for just ONE online course elsewhere. At you get ALL the courses they need for the entire year. Plus ALL the courses all the younger siblings need, too.
  • I haven't even mentioned the access to many WorldBook Libraries that cost considerably more than $100 APIECE when purchased directly from the publisher.
  • Lesson plans, lesson videos and PDF's, tests, quizzes, etc. etc. etc. for over 400 courses at your fingertips. How do I even quantify that in terms of dollars and cents? I just can't even!

Do you see the incredible value that your membership provides? This cost is so inexpensive that even if you don't want to use everything they offer, you will still have plenty of money left in the homeschooling budget to pay for any other specific resources that you like!

2) Flexibility.

Other Christian homeschool curriculum providers legislate which courses your kids take each year. There is ONE option for history, ONE for science, ONE for English… Not so with Sure, they have a recommended Scope & Sequence, but it offers multiple paths. There are many options for each subject at every level. Let your kids pick what they want to learn — that will definitely help with their motivation level!

For high school, this is huge. Teens vary so widely — even within the same family, there is no one size fits all. Why do other curriculum providers act as if each kid is OK learning the same things at the same age in the same way? Teens need an individual coursework plan that suits their needs and their goals for after high school. With, you can custom-design their year to meet college entrance requirements (or not) as well as their own interests.

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Check out the list of electives on the website — talk about a VARIETY. Your kids (and you!) can learn about just about anything! Drum lessons! Breadmaking! Graphic Design! Woot!

Um, did I mention over 400 courses in total? So you're not gonna run out of interesting things to learn! If one class isn't working out, try another one — at no additional cost or time lost!

And again, the price is so reasonable that you can use just one or two courses from and still come out ahead. That means you have the option to utilize it as an all-in-one OR as just one slice in your eclectic homeschool pie. Other all-subject curriculum providers don't make that quite so easy.

3) Ease of Use.

Each course has all the materials, explanations, etc. to make you fully confident of what to do. You can print any PDF's or use them straight from the screen. No workbooks or clunky texts, but also your kid isn't REQUIRED to be on the computer all day.

For me, the absolutely bestest part is the step-by-step, day-by-day lesson plan checklists. You know I love it when the work is done for me! And less work for mom means more time to relate to your kid, to dialogue about the content, to read a book or take a nap… I mean, to make a healthy dinner

And with the easy-to-use checklists, your kid can't tell you they don't know what to do — it is listed in detail for them every day, complete with a box for them to check off when they are done. That 14yo schemer isn't gonna get away with that excuse any more! LOL!

It's also worth mentioning that the courses are self-paced, so there is no calendar you MUST follow. Do what works best for your kid and your family. Schedule your school year how YOU want it to be.

To see for yourself how well the classes at are set up, watch the following video:


4) Extras.

Some of these have already been mentioned, but here is a more complete list:

  • The Smart Mama Planner — FREE with membership. (Watch the video for a sneak peek!)
  • Applecore Silver or Gold for recordkeeping (Silver is included with a monthly/quarterly membership; Gold is included with a yearly membership. And I'm just gonna say right here that the yearly membership makes more sense in this regard alone, because Gold offers a scheduler and transcripts. BUT ALSO paying yearly is less expensive overall — so you get much more value for less money. That's a no-brainer right there!)
  • World Book Libraries
  • RightNow Media video streaming
  • Parent Ebook library — over 40 titles about homeschooling that you can read for free
  • Courses just for parents! — Building Faithful Marriages, Connecting with Teens in the Digital Age, Homesteading, and more!
  • Print subscription to The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine
  • Online chat capability
  • Plus lots more good stuff!

What other Christian homeschool curriculum provider gives you this kind of support? For so little investment? None that I know of! 

Y'all, I just can't say enough about how great a deal and how high quality is. I really think you will want to find out for yourself! Tell 'em Annie sent you!

You can investigate and sign up for at their website:

They are also on Facebook.

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    I am still trying to understand how K-8 grade works with Schoolhouse Teachers. Are there DVD’s and/or online videos of Teachers teaching the courses or are you just providing the curriculum ? course outline? daily schedule?

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