How to Learn Math Fast (really!)

Overview: It truly is possible to learn math fast with the Learn Math Fast curriculum for K-12. Read this review for all the details and discount code! Note: This article sponsored by Learn Math Fast, but all opinions are my own and based on our experience using the curriculum.

Then there was the time my daughter told me that she hadn’t done her Geometry for most of the semester.

It was MAY, people. She hadn’t worked on it AT ALL since January.

Can you say “devastated”?

So much went through my brain. Frustration, anger, sadness, fear—practically every negative emotion you can name.

We cried together. I may or may not have yelled a bit. We figured out some consequences and also worked together all summer to catch up. UGH.

Fast forward to six years later, when her younger sister told me the EXACT SAME THING. (Cuz teens will be teens, am I right?) (And yes, there was blame on my part in both instances as well, not gonna deny it. Let's explore that another day, mkay?)

This time, though, there was no crying or yelling or even working all summer to catch up. This time I knew about Learn Math Fast.

*cue Vanna White with her trademark sweeping arm motion*

It truly is possible to learn math fast with the Learn Math Fast curriculum for K-12. Read this review for all the details and discount code!

Let me introduce you today to a distinctively different math curriculum for ANY kid who struggles with math—or any mom who struggles to teach it.

Or any kid who is behind (aka my daughters). Or any kid who doesn't enjoy math and wants to get it over with as painlessly as possible (aka a lotta teens out there).

I am SO impressed with Learn Math Fast, y'all. And remember, I used to be a math teacher, so…

We have an exclusive coupon code! Use ANNIE to get 10% off!

Learn Math Fast is comprised of seven workbooks that will literally teach your kid everything from the ground up, all the way from addition and subtraction through Algebra 2. (Does that mean you can use it for younger kids, too? Yes, it does!)

The Learn Math Fast difference is in the way the concepts are taught and the ease with which your kid will understand and apply them. No more struggling with math here!

Learn Math Fast was developed by a mom whose son was having trouble with conventional math curriculum. She thought, “I can explain this better!” and proceeded to do so. As he moved up through the math progression, she kept thinking of new and better ways to teach the content in a way that anyone could understand, even into high school.

Guess what? That kid is now a professional structural engineer.

These “Smart Cards” come with Volume 7, Geometry. All the theorems and axioms and postulates, oh my!

For the teen who gets behind, or their curriculum isn't jiving for them, or they missed a vital concept somewhere and are now completely lost, Learn Math Fast is the perfect solution.

A teen who works through all seven books can earn three high school credits. Fast. And be SOLID in all the necessary concepts. And score well on the ACT, SAT, or CLT. What more do they need?

(That author's son I mentioned earlier? At age 16 he placed into pre-calculus at a college and was chosen as a math tutor to college students. He taught himself Calculus 2. He obtained his Associates of Science by age 18. He obviously didn't need anything other than what his mom taught him, which is now in these books. How about them apples?)

We have an exclusive coupon code! Use ANNIE to get 10% off!

The books do NOT mention grade levels, and the writing does not talk down as if to young children, even in the first few books. That makes them very appropriate for teens who need a refresher or who would like to learn tricks to make math easier and more enjoyable.

They are also formatted in a way that is not overwhelming to kids with dyslexia or other learning challenges. See sample pages here: Learn Math Fast Sample Pages.

Don't need to start at the beginning but not sure where to start? There is a placement test here: Learn Math Fast Placement Test.

Here's where you can find out what is in each volume (Note: Algebra 2 comes before Geometry but you can do them in either order): Learn Math Fast Volume Contents.

It truly is possible to learn math fast with the Learn Math Fast curriculum for K-12. Read this review for all the details and discount code!
This “Big, Big Bookmark” comes with Volume One, or you can buy it separately. It's waterproof, tear-proof, and double-sided. Everything you tend to forget—at your fingertips!

And while your teen is using Learn Math Fast, the emotions will be those of success and confidence, not fear and frustration.
My daughter said, “She makes it so understandable!” We're huge fans—so much so that after completing Geometry, my daughter is moving on to Algebra 2, as well (another one that got started with a different curriculum and not finished. Um.).

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Lots of moms and kids have discovered how helpful Learn Math Fast is for any level. The Learn Math Fast website is super informative, and the reviews are unanimous: it's a GREAT resource!

If simple and effective is what you're looking for, then Learn Math Fast is what you need.


Remember: Homeschooling high school may not always be easy, but it doesn't have to be THAT hard! HUGS!

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

5 thoughts on “How to Learn Math Fast (really!)”

  1. I am very curious how your children did on ACT/SAT using this curriculum. Did you supplement? Do you feel they were prepared? I have been trying to find high school success stories, but have not. Thanks

  2. Thank you for this! My son also said he worked on Algebra for an entire semester before I figured out he hadn’t. And he doesn’t get it no matter how many times we have gone over concepts. I ordered this program today. So thankful I saw it here last night and then today when I posted on social media asking for advice, 3 people recommended it also.

  3. My situation is different. I am 50 years old and have dyscalculia. When I graduated from high school in 1991. I took two years of math. But for special education students. Once my son Joshua was in about 6th grade. I couldn’t help him with math homework much. He did really well in math. Is now 25 and lives on his own. I desperately want to improve my math skills. This does look promising.

  4. Is there anything like this program for writing? We are so behind in writing! :/ Any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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