How to Slim Down This Summer — A plan that is doable, effective, and won’t break the bank!

Are you wanting to look great in your bikini?  Or maybe you’re more like me, just trying to avoid jiggling every time you take a step, lol.  Summer fitness definitely becomes more important than staying trim during the winter, doesn’t it?  Because we are baring so much more of our lovely selves, and there are less layers of clothing to hide the layers of fat insulation we’ve accumulated during the cold months.  Well, I’ve developed a summer fitness plan that is very doable, doesn’t strain the budget, and within just two weeks has caused a difference in how my clothes fit.  Woot!

Want to look slimmer in hot-weather fashions? This summer fitness plan is very easy to implement and is also low-cost. In just two weeks I've seen a noticeable difference in how my clothes fit!What started my quest for a slimmer me?  Last month I tried on one-piece swimsuits at the local sporting goods store.  Oh my, was that a revelation.  Apparently turning cough-50-cough has done a number on my mid-section — I looked like a POTATO.

Talk about motivation to get a workout going again, lol.

So what’s a girl to do?  A gym membership is too much time, hassle, money, and embarrassment for one such as myself.  I am NOT fluent in exercise equipment, y’all, nor in weight lifting or anything else I might do there.  Workout videos are DIFFICULT and therefore not much fun.  Getting up the motivation to kill myself on a regular basis is just not part of my genetic makeup.

And while I LOVE my mini-trampoline (received as a hand-me-down from the nice lady across the street), lately my hip has been bothering me a bit.  I’m wondering if the bouncing has been too jarring for it.  The pain has meant that my workouts on the mini-tramp have been few and far between — which has probably been the reason for the potatoesque image in the mirror.

What makes my summer fitness routine DOABLE:

1) My new summer fitness routine involves two very non-impact exercises which are both quite enjoyable — walking and swimming laps.  The first I can do right from my house at any time of the day that is convenient for me.  The second happens as we take advantage of our season passes at the local pool, which we bought for the first time last year as part of my “I want to have a fun summer break for once” campaign, and which we had already acquired again this year anyway.  So no additional expense there.

2) I am NOT setting a schedule for myself of which type of exercise to do each day of the week.  When it’s convenient to go to the pool, that is what I will plan for the day.  Otherwise I will walk.  Doing it this way will be so much less stressful than trying to force a schedule where none is truly needed.

What makes my summer fitness routine EFFECTIVE:

1) I have committed to doing one of these activities EVERY SINGLE DAY.  Not just three times a week.  They are low-impact and they don’t make me breathe heavily, lol, so it is not difficult to do them frequently.  The more often I exercise, the more calories I burn!  And I’m talking rain or shine.  I can wear a raincoat when I walk, hello.  And if it’s a hot day, I can schedule the walk for the morning.

2) I also have committed to having my yummy high protein breakfast smoothie for LUNCH every single day Protein is not just for breakfast anymore!  My smoothie is filling yet non-calorific, AND doing this means one less decision to make every day. Less decisions means a less stressful life overall, and you know that is what I am all about! (In case you’re wondering, I have eggs for breakfast.)

Walking as a summer fitness art form

Basically I just set a timer for 15 minutes and walk until it rings, then turn around and walk home again.  Each day I find myself going a little farther.  I’m aiming for 2 miles round trip… almost there!  Then I will start adding ankle weights, I think.

I have updated my music playlist to include some fun new selections that my daughters turned me onto. :-) ALL of the music on there is upbeat, so that I can walk to the tempo and keep moving at a pace that will actually provide a workout.  Just walking by itself isn’t that effective, y’all; you do have to move quickly enough to get the blood pumping and the muscles working.

To make walking even more effective, I try to remember to suck my tummy in at all times.  Also — a tip that my pastor’s wife gave me — on the way up a hill, squeeze your butt cheeks together.  Yea, baby!  Also, if the tempo of one song is slightly slower than the one before, I will lengthen my stride a little to be able to maintain the same level of intensity and still stay on the beat.

My earbuds are a Jaybird X2 wireless headset that The Man gave me for Christmas.  I love how portable it is.  The sound is well-rounded enough for my somewhat music-snob ears, and it even works as a phone headset so I can take a call basically hands-free as I walk. Now all I need is a waterproof headset for the same tempo effect while swimming laps — maybe next year!

How I found the PERFECT swimsuit for summer fitness

When I swim laps, I do one length freestyle and then three lengths breaststroke, for a total of two laps — and I repeat that cycle over and over.  The freestyle gets my heart going, then the breaststroke helps me get my breath back again.  It’s interval training in the pool, y’all!  And again, it’s not too exhausting — enough for a workout, but not enough to make me feel like I never want to do it again ad infinitum.

That’s why my summer fitness routine is sustainable.  I am not killing myself,  BUT I am being consistent.  The first is what makes the second possible. :-)

Then we come to swimming attire.  I actually am not a bikini gal, contrary to the implication at the beginning of this post.  I’d be scared to bare that much of myself, especially these days, lol.  So I held a poll on my FB page about where to get a quality swimsuit for doing laps.  The responses were all very helpful!

I checked out all the places that were suggested and ended up purchasing from  I was extremely impressed with their selection of modest swimsuits that you can still do aquatic fitness in.  Here’s the one I picked out: 8130548-19856-168x196-AUTO

I had trouble deciding which size to purchase, and sure enough, when the suit arrived it was too short.  Long-torso me has avoided a one-piece for a lotta years for that very reason.  I called and spoke to a very nice customer service guy (the fact that it was a guy and I was calling about swimsuit sizing coulda been embarrassing but wasn’t!) who promptly shipped me the next size up, so I could have both of them at the same time to compare; and he also told me he would give me a credit for a free return. Gotta love that!

And the swimsuit itself is GAWGEOUS, y’all.  It is fully lined — that’s TWO layers of fabric, hello; chorine-resistant (no fading); and has bra cups sewn in (no slippage like in my sports bras).  This is NOT a cheaply-made suit like you would get for practically the same price at Target or Kohl’s.  And it is really nice to swim laps in.  I love how high the neck is — no fear of giving everyone a peep show when I bend over; and the conservative leg openings mean that my admittedly shapeless long rear end is fully covered, and there is no cheek-escapeage when I move around. had the best selection and the best prices.  Some other places had similar pricing but not nearly the selection.  And as of this writing there’s free shipping for any purchase over $49!  Not everyone has that.  And if you give them your email address you will receive a coupon code for 10% off your first purchase — which means I got a great suit for a great price.  I’m very pleased and will shop there again.

My clothes had all been too tight fitting differently lately, and I was NOT happy with that.  Now, after only two weeks on my new summer fitness plan, one of my skirts is hanging much more loosely, rather than cutting off my air flow at the belly button.  My tummy has not needed a seat belt of its own the last few days.  And my energy level and mood are both much improved, as well.  Hopefully this has motivated you to try my summer fitness plan — or develop your own — to slim down quickly at low cost!

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