Planning for a Fun Summer Break

Wow, it's almost time for school to be done for the year and for summer break to begin. For many of you, anyway. Some of us homeschoolers purposely do school year-round; others of us (myself included) somehow end up that way anyway without really trying…

But I don't want to fritter the summer away this year. Summer break is supposed to be a wonderful time of refreshment, so we are ready to get back into the grind in the fall. And too many of my past summers have come and gone without anything special happening, where each day is much like the rest, and we hang around the house wishing we had something more exciting to do.

This year, I want to be proactive. This year, I want to PLAN OUT a summer schedule or routine, one that has fun activities BUILT IN; so that I don't have to come up with anything spur of the moment, and we have exciting things to look forward to.

I think the best routines are ones that flow easily, are not complicated, and include lots of down time. Especially during the summer, I do not want to be overscheduled. I want to be able to pull out a book or go online without feeling guilty.

Get the fun things on the calendar!

I'm going to pick two days per week on which to schedule a fun activity. The rest of the days can be try-to-finish-last-year's-schoolwork-before-the-new-year-starts days and/or hang-at-the-house days. I might even think about getting some organizing or cleaning done on those days. The trick is always to get the fun things on the calendar and then work toward them, rather than letting the days slide by with no plan or objective.

FUN Activities to fit into our summer break:

It's Summer Splash Season! 

We grabbed a huge above ground pool a few years ago on clearance, so we'll be enjoying splash season around here soon! Can't wait! If you don't have one, befriend someone who does, or head on over to your cities pool or splash park! 

Hit up your Local Library

We run out of reading material quickly over the summer! Our regularly scheduled trips to the library are disrupted during our summer schedule, so we're going to hit up the library that is closer to us, even if it is smaller. It's a great opportunity to teach the kids about the joys of Interlibrary Loan! 

Live it up at your Local Theme Park

Even if your budget didn't stretch to buy your regular season pass, it can be worth every penny to visit your local theme part at least once this summer season! 

Head on over to a Historical Re-enactments or Historical Site

We love historical reenactment days as well as historical sites, like the Laura Ingalls Wider homestead in DeSmet. You're never too old to enjoy a day learning about history!

Visit a Museum or two (or three)

 It's so easy to overlook local museums, but we all probably live near some hidden gems! Make a point of researching your area and then set a date to get there.

Take a Hike!

There are so many nice trails in my area, as I'm sure there are in yours! Why stay cooped up inside when you could be enjoying the scenic vistas that abound in your area. You might even joy the 100 -or 1000- Hours Outside this year! 

Get your Camping On!

Does anyone else have an amazing camping gear stored in their garage? wonderful 10-person tent a couple years ago.  It's a good year to bring it out and use it!  We don't generally do vacations (I'm always amazed that other families can save up enough money to stay in hotels and eat out for a week or two, not to mention all the admittance fees to touristy places); but we can camp over a weekend.  I LOVE camping.

Visit a National Park

We might just pair camping with visiting a National Park or two! You're never too old for the passport stamp program! We were able to fit in a visit to Mt Rushmore, Custer State Park, Devil's Tower and the Badlands on a recent jaunt out west; each park amazing and unique- and a great way to expand horizons. Grab a yearly park pass to make it a bit more affordable! 

Light a Fire!

We're planning a few week-end evenings around the firepit, roasting marshmallows and making S'mores! We always end up telling jokes, recounting favorite family memories or sharing which book everyone is enjoying! 

Revisit Summer Camp Crafts

Anyone else make God's eyes and tie-dye t-shirts in summer camp? Why not do some of those crafts at home this summer. They might seem cheesy, but in the name of family fun and connection, who cares! 

Commence the Fun!

With around14 weeks for summer break, and you can easily schedule something fun to do twice each week. With swimming on the regular, and a supply of S'more fixings and firewood at the ready, you're set for a few fun activities throughout the summer. Add in every other week trip to the library for great reading material throughout the summer. Then check out local historical reenactment dates or discount days at the Museums. Don't forget to put hiking and camping on the schedule and some visits to Musuems and National Parks, and you are ready to have a fun and fabulous summer! 

Now all I need to do is get out the calendar and start penciling stuff in!!  I'm looking forward to an enjoyable summer full of fun family times!!

What are your plans for this summer?

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