How to Memorize the Periodic Table and Learn Memorization Techniques

Overview: Your child can learn helpful memorization techniques as they memorize the periodic table! Note: I was given free access to the course Memorize the Periodic Table for purposes of this review.  I was compensated for my time, but I was not required to write a positive review.This is all my own stuff, y'all.

The Classical model for education requires a lot of memorizing.  Memorizing is, in fact, the primary task of the elementary age child, as they collect data from the world around them, storing it away for future use.  For some reason, children of that age find it EASY to memorize.  They even think it FUN.  Go figure!

Older kids?  Well, they don't enjoy it quite as much.  (Anyone suspect that's an understatement?  You might be right…) Our family is new at this Classical education thing, having only started in Classical Conversations for the first time just this year.  My two youngest kids are in 7th and 11th grade this year, and they have never gotten to experience the joys of memorizing Latin endings and state capitals before.  Having to do it now is proving to be a challenge and a struggle.

Have a struggling student? Learning how to memorize the periodic table will quickly teach them new memorization techniques so they can have greater success in all of school -- and life! Check it out!

That's why I nabbed the opportunity for us to take the video course entitled Memorize the Periodic Table. No, neither of my kids is taking Chemistry this year, thank goodness. :-)  The course is not just about how to memorize the periodic table itself — although that's what you will accomplish.  It is also about the act of memorizing — and that's the part that I found most interesting.  The memorization techniques used in this course can be applied to learning many other things as well.

What is Memorize the Periodic Table?

In a nutshell, the course is a series of videos that take you element by element through the periodic table, developing a story and silly pictures along the way to string you along from one element to the next.  The guy's accent (maybe Australian?) is enjoyable to listen to, and the animation drawings are an entertaining way to give visual hooks to the mnemonics that are presented.

The two kids and I learned the first 40 elements in under an hour.  It was an effortless and fun process.  24 hours later, each of the kids was able to recall 39 elements with no difficulty (each one missed something different and only needed a small hint to get it right).  And several days later, they each remembered the entire list even more easily than before.  (In case you're wondering, someone had to be the tester, y'all; so I did not take a turn for recall.  No snarky comments from the studio audience, please.) :-)

I have no doubt that they will still be able to recite those elements in a week or month's time; even now I can run through most of the story in my head.  It does give one pause to think about all the ways these memorization techniques could help in school.  And life!

memorize periodic table

Memorize the Periodic Table demonstrates memorization techniques.

Are you interested in how to memorize the periodic table?  Then I would definitely recommend this course.  Are you wondering how to boost your memorizing capacity?  Then I would still recommend this course.  Most of us learn best by doing, after all.  Memorize the periodic table, and in the process you will learn how to memorize just about anything.

I've got a friend who is well-versed in using memorization techniques like this.  When his wife gives him a shopping list over the phone, he uses these techniques to remember it.  He taught the strategy to his boys, and as a trio they performed on stage.  (Remember that I live near Branson, y'all, and it won't sound so strange…) They won a trip to Las Vegas on America's Got Talent, using memorization techniques to do a “mind-reading” act.  I can't show you the video from the show for copyright reasons, but I can send you to the link where his oldest son, 9 years old at the time, is able to recall capital cities AND THEIR POPULATIONS with no difficulty at all.  Click here to watch it on You Tube:

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Here's something intriguing to think about:  learning about memorization techniques could be the difference for your son or daughter who is having trouble in school.  My own son, who normally struggles a bit with motivation, really enjoyed Memorize the Periodic Table and kept asking to keep going.  I think the course would be perfect for kids whose learning style is not suited to the typical rote learning that is often encouraged.  I think it would give them a taste of what they can accomplish, and then in applying the techniques to other subject areas, they could experience further success

Memorize the Periodic Table is the perfect vehicle for showing kids, young and old alike, that memorization can be fun and rewarding.  And when time for Chemistry does roll around, they will be a step ahead of the game!  And BTW, if you think that time is far in the future, let me assure you that it will be here all too soon! :-)

Click here to go to the website:  Memorize the Periodic Table

When you have to memorize, why not make it easy and fun?  Memorize the Periodic Table shows you how with memorization techniques that anyone can learn.  Check it out!

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8 thoughts on “How to Memorize the Periodic Table and Learn Memorization Techniques”

  1. This looks worth exploring. A friend told me the same thing about Classical Conversations and memorizing the presidents. Even though her kids did it years ago, they still remember. It’s amazing.

    1. I can still remember the Preamble to the Constitution from when I learned it on Schoolhouse Rock as a kid. Making things fun to memorize really does make a difference! Thanks for the comment, Mariya! :-)

    1. Woot! I think memorizing the table ahead of time would be helpful. Where the elements are positioned on the table is SO important. Thanks for stopping by, Alison! :-)

  2. These videos are awesome! My family has been going through them in our morning time and we’ve made it through the first 35. I’m so amazed at my 9 year old tracking along. I wish I had this last year with Challenge B when the students memorize more of the periodic table. We could have done the whole thing!!

    1. Oh, I didn’t know they memorize it in Challenge B… that will be my youngest next year. We’d better get going on finishing all the videos!! :-) Thanks for the comment, Betsy! :-)

  3. This sounds right up our alley! Anything with a visual aspect to it helps my kiddos recall whatever we are learning about. We are going to be working on this next year so I plan on checking this out. Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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