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Enter the 7Sisters Homeschool Giveaway!

7Sisters Homeschool is a group of six women who are veteran homeschoolers. From their wealth of experience, they provide informational resources and high school level curriculum to help you successfully homeschooling your teen!

Who is the 7th sister, you ask? Why, YOU, of course! They invite you to take a seat at their table and join the fun and fellowship! :-)

Curriculum from 7Sisters Homeschool contains no busywork. All items are printable PDF's for instant gratification. Everything is VERY reasonably priced, so you aren't blowing the budget to provide lessons for your teen. 

They offer curriculum in many subject areas including health and social sciences, consumer math and financial literacy, english and writing, speech and drama—and more.

See my review of their Career Exploration Bundle here: Career Exploration—a homeschool high school elective from 7Sisters.

The giveaway is for one cinema guide of your choice. Retail value $4.99.

You can see all the options here: Cinema Studies for Literature Learning at 7Sisters.

There are THREE PAGES of guides, so be sure to view the entire selection!

As described on their website:

Teens can use some movies as part of the work that earns their Literature credits if they practice analysis skills like the ones explored in these guides.

Cinema Studies for Literature Learning is geared to the visual learner in high school, to those who are reluctant readers or for whom reading is very time-consuming, and to those who love movies! Good movies tell good stories, and good storytelling requires the use of traditionally respected literary devices and techniques. With a little help from a study guide, many movies introduce the viewer to excellent literature that is being presented in a visual medium.

This format for literature study is a great option for high school students who become overwhelmed with a demanding reading list. Can you REALLY use movies as literature? While reading books is still a necessary part of a teen’s high school education, placing the ANALYSIS of literature primarily in the arena of movies is a good option for some students.

As with all curriculum from 7Sisters, we aim for no-busywork and no-overkill, instead offering teens a chance to build critical thinking skills while earning high school credit.

You can browse their entire website here: 7SistersHomeschool.com.

While you're exploring, take advantage of our exclusive discount code:

Use Annieand7Sisters to get 25% off your shopping cart total!

But first, enter the giveaway so you can win a cinema study guide of your choosing! Woot!

Drawing will be held June 16, 2020. Winner will be notified by email.

(Note: if you have entered a giveaway recently, your email address may already be stored. In that case, you will not be able to type it in again; just click the downward carat next to “Click to  enter your email address” and then “Enter”, and you will be entered in the drawing automatically. Nifty!)

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