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Episodes 31-33: Teaching Writing in High School with Kay Chance

Writing is such an important skill, but it can be so hard to know how to help our kids do it well.

Especially in high school, when everything seems to “count” so much more, and they need to be ready for college in the very near future. (Though they may not realize how soon that will be, we do, don't we?)

In these podcast episodes, Kay Chance from Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling gives us great encouragement and ideas and HOPE for teaching writing to our teens. She is a real writer, not “just” a mom, LOL. Like, for a living! So she knows what she's talking about as far as what makes writing good, what skills our kids need, and how to bring out the best from them.

Listen to be empowered and inspired!

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Part 1 (Episode 31):

Hear what Kay thinks are the most important skills teens need in order to become good writers, how to evaluate their writing (it's easier than you think!), and how to use READING to teach WRITING. Hmmm, that's got you wondering, doesn't it? Give a listen!

Resources mentioned in this episode (may contain referral links):

Kay's website: Heart-to-Heart Homeschooling

Kay also works at Homeschooling Today Magazine

Get your free digital issue of Homeschooling Today here: Spring 2020 FREE

Ruth Beechick — You Can Teach Your Child Successfully

Part 2 (Episode 32):

Kay has such great insight to share about whether we should be doing essay writing or creative writing or real-life writing in high school, how to help our teens choose a topic, how to motivate them to write and why some are reluctant. She also recommends some tools that will help anyone write better. It's a jam-packed episode, and I think you'll enjoy it!

Resources mentioned in this episode (may contain referral links):

So Good They Can't Ignore You – by Cal Newport



Trail Guide to Learning

Citation Machine

Easy Bib

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Part 3 (Episode 33):

In today's episode we hear Kay's recommendation for a writing curriculum, her suggestion for how to use a rubric in a way that lessens the pressure, and what it means to homeschool boldly. She also talks about using curriculum as a guide rather than a taskmaster, as well as about incorporating writing into other subjects; and she introduces the idea of peer review, even for homeschoolers. SO MUCH useful information and encouragement here! She also answers the question: WHY homeschool high school? It's always fun to hear what people say about that, and Kay's wisdom is super helpful. Enjoy!

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Free Digital Spring 2020 Issue of Homeschooling Today


Help for High School — read my mini review here

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