Episode 52: How to Prepare Your Homeschooled Teen for College Writing

Overview: Helping our homeschooled teens prepare for college writing can seem intimidating. Misti Lacy from WriteShop is here to help with her wisdom!

Ack, not only can it seem scary to work on high school writing with our homeschooled teens, but to prepare them for college level writing is even more frightening. We don’t want them to struggle or fail in college because we didn’t do our job!

Misti Lacy, the Curriculum Consultant at WriteShop, has lotsa experience teaching writing at both the high school level and the college level, so she is the perfect person to talk us through our fears and give us practical ideas to feel more confident that our teens will be prepared.

NOTE: We discovered after recording this that we forgot to discuss formats such as MLA, APA, etc., which are definitely a component in college writing requirements. So we picked that up at the beginning of our NEXT conversation, which will be published as Episode 53 of the podcast. Come back for that next week (or listen right away if you’re here later)!


Helping our homeschooled teens prepare for college writing can seem intimidating. Misti Lacy from WriteShop is here to help with her wisdom!

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Episode 52: How to Prepare for College Writing with Your Homeschooled Teen

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