Enter the Unlock Math Giveaway!

The wonderful people at Unlock Math are giving away a FULL YEAR of access for one student!

This is a $299-$588 value! Woot!

This online math curriculum is great for any student, with high school levels up through Pre-Calculus. All the teaching, testing, and grading is done FOR you, so you can sit back and relax—at least about math!

UnLock Math is the only homeschool math curriculum that combines the following in a multi-sensory interactive approach that gives your child their best opportunity for math success, unlocking their hidden math potential.

  • Unparallelled instruction through the engaging teaching videos of Alesia Blackwood breaking math into bite-size chunks that your child will find easy to understand and apply. Studies have shown that students learn & remember information better if they SEE the teacher working through a problem vs voice-over type lessons.
  • Unlimited practice that allows your child to master the lesson regardless of their starting point.
  • Continual review that keeps new skills fresh, locking concepts into their long term memory.
  • Fully worked solutions after each question giving your child immediate feedback. This is invaluable in helping your child discover where they “went wrong” in questions they answered incorrectly.
  • Live chat support is a safety net for your child so that nothing is left to chance.
  • 30 day no risk money back guarantee.

You can see more about Unlock Math here: Unlock Math Website.

Alesia Blackwood breaks math into bite-size chunks that your child will find easy to understand and apply. Your child will be exclaiming, “AHA! Now I get it!”

Use code ANNIE2020 to get a 15% discount!

Drawing will be held June 1, 2020. Winner will be notified by email.

(Note: if you have entered a giveaway recently, your email address may already be stored. In that case, you will not be able to type it in again; just click the downward carat next to “please enter your email address” and then “click to enter”, and you will be entered in the drawing automatically. Nifty!)

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2 thoughts on “Enter the Unlock Math Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Ann,
    How long is the discount code good. We’re in the middle of making a decision about math, and home the ANNIE2020 code will be good for awhile. (Bummed that I missed that there was drawing!)

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