Episodes 34-35: Tips for Teaching and Grading Writing in High School

After spending three weeks talking to Kay Chance about writing, it seemed a good idea to share my own tips from years of experience and several kids, most of whom have gone onto college.

Writing is a tough subject to feel confident about. It's hard to know what constitutes “good” writing and whether your kid's work is actually any good at all or if you're just completely biased about it, LOL.

Like anything else, though, it doesn't have to be that hard. Writing can fit into your homeschool high school fairly easily, and even grading doesn't have to scare you.

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These episodes have been sponsored by WriteShop.

WriteShop (referral link) offers writing curriculum for all ages, and their WriteShop I & II levels are aimed at middle and high school. They teach writing skills step-by-step with full instructions for the student and LOTSA resources for mom. It's a painless way to feel confident about your teen's preparation for college level writing!

If you want a solid writing curriculum to walk you through how to teach writing to your teen, WriteShop is a great option! Check out all the details about their high school courses here: WriteShop I & II (referral link).

Episode 34 (Part 1):

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Episode 35 (Part 2)

This episode focuses on grading your teen's writing, which may be one of scariest parts of homeschooling high school. With this simple tool, it doesn't have to intimidate you! Give yourself and your teen the confidence you both need to be successful and to know they are prepared for college.

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(If you are not a member of my high school Facebook group, you will need to join in order to view this video.)

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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