Elementary: Enter the Spanish Educational Solutions Giveaway!

Spanish Educational Solutions is giving away ONE YEAR ACCESS to their incredible Spanish course for elementary students!

Wouldn’t you love for your elementary kiddos to start learning a second language, especially from a native speaker?

Getting started with a foreign language in elementary school gives your kid a leg up for when they will need to study one in high school. At the elementary level they can progress at their own pace and build confidence in their ability to speak and to understand. It’s the perfect time to expose them to another language in a fun and engaging way.

Spanish Educational Solutions is a video course that includes phonetics, reading, listening, geography and culture, worksheets, flash cards, and games for the student, plus access to the teacher via email, office hours, and a private Facebook group for ongoing support and live review lessons.

There is complete training for the parent to know how to use the program, and the schedule is fluid so you can work at a pace that suits your family and your child. 

It’s a low-pressure way to start Spanish instruction with your family, when the kids are young enough to really absorb it.

Sra. Morato is so friendly and engaging—your kids will love her! And there is even the opportunity to join a reading and movie club and to have a pen pal!

Take a look at all the details—including an explanatory video where you can watch Sra. Morato herself—here: Spanish Educational Solutions Elementary Course.

(Spanish Educational Solutions does have a middle/high school level program, but the giveaway is for the elementary level. You can see all courses here.)


Drawing will be held August 1, 2020. Winner will be notified by email.

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