What if I Don’t Wanna Give My Kid a Birthday Party?

One of my good friends when our kids were little was the absolute master of giving a birthday party.  I still remember that time she made a giant board game out on her sidewalk.  The party-goers were the playing pieces; there was a big die made out of a cardboard box, and things to do were drawn on each square of cement.  I was in awe.

Anybody else out there who dislikes giving a birthday party to their kid every year? Well, I've got an alternative plan! Check it out!

I've never been that great at birthday parties.  Call me a bad mommy, but (gasp!) I actually don't even LIKE to give birthday parties.

I realize that this is going against the grain of Mommy-dom.  Many of you are aghast right now, thinking of all the wonderful parties you've planned and executed with aplomb.  But I'm willing to bet that there are possibly even more moms out there who are secretly agreeing with me, who deep in their heart of hearts know that if they could find a way to get out of giving birthday parties, they would be singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

Well, I am here to help.  I have developed a plan that keeps the specter of birthday parties from becoming overwhelming.  My M.O. for birthday parties saves both time and money.  (This, after all, is what I do — I take the tasks that we moms are obligated to perform, and I make them easier and cheaper.  Because life's too short to work too hard. :-) )  This particular plan has worked great for our family over the years, and I am happy to share it with y'all as an alternative to the expectations of the rest of the world.

So if you are a fellow birthday party NON-fan, click on over to the Multi Taskin' Mom, where I am contributing today with A New Spin on the Birthday Party System You won't regret it! :-)

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