10+ Favorite Personal Finance Blogs

Are your finances a work in progress, like mine are?  I am very honest on here about how we have not “arrived” when it comes to making our money do everything it should be.  And I need lots of encouragement to keep the motivation going when things are difficult — don’t you?

That’s one of the reasons I enjoy personal finance blogs.  In just a few clicks I can read about people like me who have been in situations like mine.  I can learn how they fixed their money management mistakes.  And I can get new ideas for moving forward to make real progress.

The blogs listed below are the ones I go to most often.  These are real people who have had real problems and are finding real answers.  They write well, and their content is thorough and helpful, not shallow or unrealistic.

Personal finance blogs abound. Which ones are the best? Here are MY favorites. Grab some coffee and take a look!!

Obviously there are many, many, many more personal finance blogs out there.  These are the ones that I read most regularly, that I enjoy, and that I can personally recommend.  So grab a cup of your favorite warm beverage and take a look!

Living Well Spending Less — Ruth is a powerhouse blogger and businesswoman.  Once a shop-aholic, she transformed into a personal finance master who loves to encourage others.

The Busy Budgeter — Rosemarie is such a sweetie!  Her blog is focused on helping YOU, not on proclaiming herself.  Who can’t love that?

The Budget Mama — I really jive with the way Jessi thinks.  She is real about the money mess she got into in her young adulthood and practical about how we can all fix our own personal messes.

Snail Pace Transformations — Victoria has become a friend.  I love her focus of doing things slowly but well.  I read pretty much everything she writes, which is unusual for me.

Making Sense of Cents — One of the best blog names out there, imho!  Michelle has handled her money so well she’s now traveling full-time in an RV.  Yes, please!

Premeditated Leftovers — I can’t scroll through my Pinterest feed without finding at least one of Alea’s posts that I want to pin!  It’s all really helpful stuff.

Six Figures Under — Stephanie is a gal like me, still working her way out of a financial hole.  That makes her relateable, in my opinion.  Check out the “debt thermometer” in her sidebar!

Don’t Waste the Crumbs — Tiffany is a crunchy mom who also talks about frugality. I think it’s a great combination. I’ve been a fan for a long time.

The Thrifty Couple — These people were in deep… DEBT, y’all. ;-) They tell the story of how they climbed out, along with a TON of other tips.  And they host the Thrifty Thursday linkup every week.

Living on a Dime — I have been a fan of this mother-daughter team for YEARS.  I bought their books.  I don’t do that for just everybody. :-)

The YNAB blog — I have loved the YNAB software; their blog is just as good.  They proclaim a philosophy for looking at your money that is worth exploring — even if you don’t use their product.

Six Dollar Family — Have you ever lived at a homeless shelter?  Stacy has.  And now she’s helping others avoid the same fate.  I love stories like this, don’t you?

For more great blogs and lotsa good info about finances, follow my Finance Finesse board on Pinterest!


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