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June 1-30: Enter TWO Giveaways from College Prep Genius!

College Prep Genius is giving away some super valuable stuff this month! Be one of two winners to gain a huge boost towards college costs!

College Prep Genius was founded by Jean Burk after she taught her kids how to take the SAT and they received numerous offers for full rides for both college and grad school. She knows her stuff!

The College Prep Genius products are all geared towards helping your teen gain high scores on all the different types of college entrance exams — ACT, SAT, CLT — so that they can earn the most scholarship money to pay for college. 

You can read my review of College Prep Genius here: How Your Teen can Pay for College.

You can visit the College Prep Genius website here (referral link): College Prep Genius Website.

While you're there, use our exclusive discount: code ANNIE50 gets you $50 off the Comprehensive Ecourse or the Live Virtual Bootcamp!

There are TWO giveaways this month! Keep scrolling to enter BOTH!

Drawings will be held July 1, 2021. Winners will be notified by email.

(Note: if you have entered a giveaway recently, your email address may already be stored. In that case, you will not be able to type it in again; just click the downward carat next to “Click to  enter your email address” and then “Enter”, and you will be entered in the giveaway automatically. Nifty!)

Giveaway #1:  FREE enrollment for their teen in a LIVE Virtual Boot Camp. This normally costs $355!

A Live Virtual Bootcamp is either a 3-day intensive or an 8-week experience with a certified College Preg Genius instructor. Students can interact and ask questions, which is helpful with the detailed information that College Prep Genius presents.

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Giveaway #2: FREE 30-minute ONE-ON-ONE CONSULT with Jean herself!

Get Jean's advice to help chart your student's course for college prep success. This is usually a $500 investment! (And would be completely worth it; this lady is a firecracker and will get you going where you need to go!) This will be via Zoom call so no special effort on your part. Ask ANY questions you have about college prep in general and tests in particular. Woot!

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