Favorite Homeschool Mom? NOT!

Who is your favorite homeschool mom?  Is there one that you wish you could be like?  Maybe she is extremely organized, or she has the parenting thing DOWN, or she knows how to create totally engaging and informative unit studies.  It's wonderful to have women to look up to in our lives, because from them we can grow and learn how to be better women ourselves.

Sometimes, though, we can learn from examples of what NOT to do.  That's what today's blog post is about!  But it's not on this page (did you notice the lack of length, lol?); today I'm guest-posting over at Joy in the Journey about Five Homeschool Moms You Do NOT Wanna Be Like.

No, I'm not going to rag on any specific individuals — but I am going to discuss the kinds of homeschool mom we don't want to be, AND what we can do to avoid being them.

Find yourself being the type of homeschool mom you DON'T want to be? I've got some ideas to help!

One really neat thing about this post is that it's actually an excerpt from a chapter in an upcoming book that I am privileged to be a part of!  The iHomeschool Network will be publishing a new compendium entitled Homeschooling: What To Do When You Want to Quit –and I'm in there! :-)  The book will have lots of chapters by various homeschool bloggers, all discussing different reasons we might feel like giving up homeschooling.  It's going to be so encouraging!  But it's not available just yet; I'll keep you posted about when it's coming out.  Isn't that exciting? :-)

UPDATE: The book is published and available for purchase! You can read more about it in my post When You Feel Like You Want to Quit Homeschooling. This book is a WONDERFUL resource!! :-)

Find yourself being the type of homeschool mom you DON'T want to be? I've got some ideas to help!For now, click on over to Joy in the Journey to read about Five Homeschool Moms You Do NOT Want to Be Like.  You can click HERE or on the image to the right.






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