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April 1-30: Enter the Dreaming Spires Home Learning Giveaway

Dreaming Spires Home Learning offers innovative, LIVE online courses for homeschooled teens worldwide.

Taught by experts using Charlotte Mason educational methods, with a one-hour webinar each week and four days of work for middle school and high school students to complete as part of their homeschooling routine. See my review here: Using Charlotte Mason Methods for High School.

See Dreaming Spires’s schedule for 2021-2022 here: Course Timetable.

Use code ANNIE21 to get $20 off your registration fee, and get EARLY BIRD PRICING until May 1! This means you only pay last year’s cost, plus you have the opportunity to make payments rather than being responsible for the full balance up front. Woot!

Three winners will each get a copy of:

Copywork with Shakespeare (Annotated): Annotated Selections from Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors and Richard III

  • Just like artists will hone their craft through copying the masters, writers of all ages can improve their grasp of spelling, punctuation, grammar, variety of sentences, and broad vocabulary through copying the great writers. Just a few minutes a day of copying literary passages into a notebook can make your writing drastically better!
  • This book contains bite-sized selections from Shakespeare’s plays chosen for students to use for copywork and to get a taste of his Early Modern language.
  • Each selection is accompanied by notes from the editor that will explain the context of the quote and help a student get to grips with the storyline.
  • What’s more, the editor discusses memorable productions and films to remind students that Shakespeare is meant to be performed, and that directors can make choices that bring the characters and themes to life beyond the page.

Copywork can be a fundamental part of a Charlotte Mason education. It’s a great way to teach sentence structure, grammar, parts of speech, etc. And using Shakespeare’s classics for copywork gives the double benefit of becoming familiar with the Bard and his works!

Another great use would be to memorize passages; here they’re all hand-picked for you!

This resource can be used for all ages — how about during morning time? — but is ideal for high school.

You can see more information on Amazon: Copywork with Shakespeare.

Ready to enter?

Drawings will be held May 1, 2021. Winners will be notified by email.

(Note: if you have entered a giveaway recently, your email address may already be stored. In that case, you will not be able to type it in again; just click the downward carat next to “Click to  enter your email address” and then “Enter”, and you will be entered in the drawing automatically. Nifty!)

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