31 Days of Practical Organizing Tips for a Homeschool Mom’s Life

We homeschool moms have unique challenges. Join me for a month of organizing tips and tricks just for us! These powerful ideas are organization strategies you can apply in ALL areas of your life -- at home, for school, in the kitchen or the closet -- or your brain, lol. Sign up today!Are you frazzled and frustrated? Are you feeling behind, not only with your homeschool but in life?

I can help.

Join me for 31 days, as we look at one practical and DOABLE organizing tip — for all of life, not just our homeschool — each and every day.

This is NOT a “challenge,” y'all. It's just me sharing with you the powerful organizing strategies I use to create calm in the midst of the chaotic homeschool life. You can implement them each day or save them for later. But if you apply these simple hacks, you will reap big dividends, as you enjoy more peace and margin in your life.

Each day the link for the new post will be added here, so come back often!

UPDATE:  The 31 days are over! Below are all 31 posts with lotsa organizing ideas, tips, and hacks for all aspects of the life of a homeschool mom.

You may not want to use them all, and that's OK. They are there for you to pick and choose which will be most effective in your life. OR you can come back here later, when you have a new organizing problem to tackle, and find inspiration for ways to handle it.

So grab your favorite warm beverage and sit and browse a bit. Don't leave until you've found at least one tip you can apply right away — it won't take long! Then come back later and find another one. Little by little, as you apply each tip in various ways, you'll find life running more smoothly. That will mean less stress for you, which is always a good thing — and exactly what I'm aiming for with every post I write on this blog. :-)

Guess what? You don't even have to start at the beginning. There is no particular order to these, so find the one that looks like it might speak to you RIGHT NOW.

And hey, you can always pin this page for easy reference later. Just a thought. :-)


It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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