Do I Really Want to Submit Myself to a Homeschool Schedule for High School?

If you’ve been following me for more than a month or so, then you know we’re making a big change in our homeschool this year.  After years and years of doing our own eclectic curriculum thing — which has been great, don’t get me wrong — this year we have chosen to go with an actual all-in-one curriculum.  Deciding to do Classical Conversations and join the local CC community is going to change much of how we’ve done homeschool the last several years — including our homeschool schedule.

I must confess that as the kids head off to college and my student load becomes lighter, we’ve been really slacking when it comes to keeping to a schedule.  We’ve become rather free and easy about how we fill our days.  In some ways this has been great — it sure is nice to choose to let school go for a day or two when The Man is home for awhile after traveling for work… But in other ways, it’s not so great.  As in the fact that a couple of the kids are still working on finishing up some subjects, here in the beginning of August.  Um, not likin’ that so much…

As I look at what must happen for Classical Conversations — that the kids will be part of a class that has a syllabus, so books must be read in the time-frame necessary to be able to participate in discussion on the scheduled day, papers must be written and submitted for feedback, etc. — I am beginning to realize that our “do what I feel like doing now” ways will have to change.

Planning your homeschool schedule? Here's what we've decided to do for high school this year!

So, to answer the question I asked in my title — do I want to submit myself to a homeschool schedule for high school? — the answer is going to be YES.  If my kids are going to get their work done within the time expected, so that they can participate in discussions to the extent that makes our financial investment worthwhile, we will need to keep to a pretty tight timetable.

Another factor in this equation is that I am now what’s called a WAHM — a work-at-home mom.  To be honest, it never felt to me like I wasn’t working at home (am I right???); but now that I’m writing a blog, I guess I qualify for the acronym, lol.  I have definitely noticed this little job of mine encroaching upon other all areas of my life, including homeschool.  I mean, just because I promote independent learning doesn’t mean I don’t have a vital role in our homeschool.  I am chief grader, encourager, question-answerer, and whip-cracker (not necessarily in that order, lol).  I need to be involved in my kids’ homeschooling hours, not tied up with my computer.  So I’ve been thinking about scheduling my own duties for awhile, and I think now is the time to make a commitment to determining some work hours and sticking to them.

FOR ANYONE ELSE HOMESCHOOLING HIGH SCHOOL, though, even if you’re not doing a more regimented curriculum like we are, I would still recommend a schedule.  This is a case of don’t do what I did.  Don’t let everyone slack and do their own thing all day.  It leads to decreased motivation and performance.  Our homeschool got in a rut.  Start the school year with a detailed schedule — then you can always adapt it to better meet everyone’s needs as the months go by.  This is called doing the hard work of being the parent and the adult. More on that later.

So, as I recommended in my post about the tasks that a homeschool mom should complete over summer break, I’ve been giving some thought to what our daily schedule should look like.  Here is what I’ve come up with:

Our proposed homeschool schedule for high school this year

6am My alarm goes off.  I will hit the snooze button get up and drink a glass of water, make some coffee, and slowly wake up.  This will be an ouch new, because I’ve been living without an alarm for awhile and just waking up naturally.

6:30-7am Personal Bible time for me as an individual.  I’m being redundant on purpose, lol.  This is MY time with my Bible and my Lord.  I think I’m gonna need it even more than I do now, which is saying something! :-)

7-8am Blogging.  There are tasks that must be done daily to keep this blog being seen by intelligent readers such as yourself. :-)  This is the time I will do these.  It will be hard to stop at 8am, but if I work efficiently, I think I can do it.

8am Make sure kids are awake.  I think I’ll have them set alarms, too.  Because with teenagers, waking up in the morning can be difficult… afternoon, not so much, lol.

8-8:30am BREAKFAST.  This is a very necessary part of my life — ain’t nobody who wants to experience me as a hangry person!  And I’ll make some for the kids, too.  We’ll either have eggs (most days) or maybe some Cinnamon Protein Pancakes or High Protein Breakfast Shakes.  (Yes, these are shameless plugs for my own recipes.  But don’t let that stop you from checking them out!  They are EASY and CHEAP! :-) )

8:30-9am CHORES.  I’ve REALLY let this part of our lives slide this year.  When all the kids were home and everyone was younger, I was a stickler for chore charts and everyone working on maintaining the home.  Lately there has been less work to do, since not everyone lives here all the time anymore — but that means my younger kids are getting away with murder as far as learning housekeeping goes.  Well, NOT. ANY. MORE.  Stay tuned for a post on appropriate tasks and scheduling for teenagers to help around the house!

9 – 9:30am CORPORATE BIBLE TIME.  This is another area that we have been neglecting.  And it’s been showing in our behavior towards one another… sigh.  I’m anxious to try a new Bible study curriculum that I recently discovered that is supposed to be appropriate for all ages.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

9:30am-12pm School.  The kids will get to decide the order in which they do their subjects (one of the perks of having older kids!), but in the morning they need to pick those that they might need more help on — because this slot is going to be MY schooltime, too.  I will sit with the kids and instruct as necessary, answer questions, work through math problems, and also be doing grading and planning and other teacher tasks.  I’ve noticed my kids lose motivation when I am not in the trenches with them for at least part of the day.  Time to remedy that.

12-1pm LUNCH.  I think we’ll need a big break by this point.  And I will undoubtedly be hungry!  So we’ll take a full hour to eat and decompress.

1-4:30pm More school for the kids; more blogging for me.  This gives us a total of 6 hours of school time.  I’m hoping that it will be too much, but CC says to allow one hour per subject per day, so that’s what we’ll do.  In the afternoon, I won’t necessarily be right there with them.  I’ll need to put some more hours into the blog — that may be in the same room, or it might be in a separate room if I need to concentrate on writing.  I’ll still be available for questions, though.

4:30 -6(ish)pm Dinner prep, straightening/cleaning the house.  At 4:30 we will stop school, whether the kids are done or not.  We’ll all do a quick pick-up and then I’ll start dinner.  If the kids need to finish up a subject or two, that will need to wait until after dinner.  The consequence for not working diligently will be that they miss our family time that happens in the evening.

6(ish)pm Dinner.  We like to eat early around our house.  What can I say — we’re hungry people!  So dinner might even happen closer to 5:30pm.

After dinner: Family time.  We like to watch movies or play games, especially on nights when Dad is home.  Or we just hang out and read, all in the same room.  Or whatever.  No planning here, just whatever we feel like doing.

10pm Bedtime prep for me.  If I’m going to have to wake up to an alarm, then I need to be disciplined to get to bed.  Yup.

10:30 Lights out.  If I make it this far, lol!

And there it is!  This is my proposed homeschool schedule for this year.  I am well aware that this is going to be hard.  I am lazy a free spirit who likes to just go with the flow most of the time.  But if I want my kids to learn discipline and diligence and hard work, then I need to model those qualities.  Our kids need this example even more at the high school age than they ever have before.  I need to show them what being a responsible adult looks like.  Me.  I need to do this.  The schedule is really more for me than them, y’all.  But having a schedule does give them a structure in which to practice those behaviors for themselves.

Here’s my hope, though:  I hope that after we’ve used this schedule for awhile, it can become more of a routine.  That we won’t need to be so tied to specific times of day and can just work naturally through our duties.  Because I’ll be honest with you; schedules and I don’t usually stay friends for long.  I usually begin to chafe at the sameness of every day, or on a hormonal day I might just want to change things up a bit for my own sanity… and the kids’ preservation, lol.

So we’ll see!!  I’m definitely excited to see how this works!  (I love that “new school year” anticipation, don’t you?) :-)

Do you keep to a tight schedule or do you favor more of a routine?


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8 thoughts on “Do I Really Want to Submit Myself to a Homeschool Schedule for High School?”

  1. This is a great way to have some structure in your day… but I’m glad to see that your schedule also allows for lots of flexibility. I’ve found that allowing my boys to choose which subjects they do when has significantly decreased the stress level around here. They enjoy having some control over their schoolwork… and I enjoy that I’m not having to play the role of drill sergeant quite as much. :)

    I hope your new schedule goes well for you. I never enjoy having that blasted alarm clock go off… but later in the day, I’m always glad that I got up and got to it. Hope you and your kids have a great year!

  2. When do you schedule meal planning, grocery shopping, or any other home related task? That’s one of my hardest things to figure out this year. I can only let so much of it go. I have 15,13,10, 4, 2 y.o.

    1. Kimberly, I am SO SORRY for taking so long to answer you!! It was one of those things where I answered you in my head but never remembered to actually type it out! :-( For me, meal planning and other computer tasks get fit in during the afternoon, which is a rather generous time slot that I don’t really spend blogging the WHOLE time. I probably should have been more specific. Grocery shopping likewise. Or there’s always evenings and weekends… I don’t actually schedule that stuff in because I am so unmotivated to do it, lol. So I wait until I absolutely have to! Thanks for stopping by! :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing this very real look at homeschooling while being a WAHM. I am doing the same thing, and have a surprisingly similar schedule. The schedule really helps me to not neglect any one aspect of my life, which is so easy to do when I am really busy. It helps to keep things in check. Currently, I am considering switching to year-round school schedule (three weeks on, one week off). Do you have any thoughts on that? I would return to a normal schedule when my kids hit high school (as I will probably enroll them in correspondence school at that point).

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Anna Joy! We have almost always been year-round schoolers, although not always intentionally, lol. When the kids were younger, it was better for us all to have a routine throughout the summer. As they’ve gotten older, we’ve had to flex around my husband’s schedule of being away a lot. Sometimes that meant I was too exhausted being a “single mom” to work hard at school that day/week, other times it meant he wanted to spend time with us and so we didn’t do school — which is why it went into summer. I know that I always felt under pressure when I was trying to get done by May. I think three weeks on, one week off sounds GREAT — if for no other reason than that you are PLANNING it that way and so you don’t have to feel guilty about taking the time off. :-) We have only been following a traditional schedule for the first time THIS year, because we are doing Classical Conversations and have to keep up with the rest of the class. And I confess I’m looking forward to our first WHOLE SUMMER off! But I think especially as a WAHM, that a year-round school schedule is a way to make it work for your family. Then you can put more effort into your work on the off school weeks, so that you can be more there for your kids when they need your help with school.

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