10 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool

Summer is ending, and fall is around the corner! The new school year is about to begin. Instead of starting off with classes and the regular school routine, get your kids excited for the start of school and celebrate back-to-homeschool with them!

10 Ways to Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool

Here are ten fabulous ways to celebrate back-to-homeschool with your kids. Not only will you have a fun day of activities, but you’ll help your kids get excited to start studying again.

1. Go out to breakfast

Start the new school year by heading out the door and eating breakfast. You can stop by a doughnut shop and pick up a dozen doughnuts or head to a sit-down restaurant for a delicious breakfast of pancakes, waffles, bacon, and eggs that you don’t have to cook.

And while you’re enjoying breakfast, sit down and chat about what you plan on studying and what everyone is most excited to learn about.

2. Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool With a Bucket List

Make a bucket list of everything you’d like to accomplish this year with your kids. You can do this sitting down at breakfast or over the dinner table. Ask your kids if there are any field trips they’d like to take or books they’d like to read.

Find some fun projects for the school year and topics you’d like to study. 

You can also add a specific number of reading days, days when you curl up with a good book and do nothing but read. 

Be sure to include a few game days as well. Kids rarely say no to spending a day playing educational games instead of working through a math lesson.

After you’ve completed the list, post it in your home. Then check off each item as you complete it!

3. Homeschool Party

Instead of sitting down to a math lesson, why not invite your homeschool friends over for a first-day of homeschooling party? Kids will love seeing their friends; a party is always a great way to start the homeschool year.

You can add some fun games like pin the addition symbol to the number sentence (or equation), name the historical figures, or musical chairs!

By the end of the day, your kids will be enthusiastic and ready to start their normal homeschool routine.

4. Field Trip

Instead of waiting for a field trip to happen, go ahead and plan a field trip for the first day of school. Since most kids will be in school, you can head to a local amusement park and enjoy the lower lines.

Or head to a museum and learn some fun facts about the local area, art, or science. 

If you plan to study biology this year, why not visit a zoo or aquarium to learn about the animals? This is a great field trip to start and end the year!

A field trip is a great non-traditional way to start your new school year.

5. Shop for School Supplies

Another fun idea to celebrate back-to-homeschool is to go shopping for school supplies together.

Look for fun pencils, unique erasers, and colorful pencil boxes. Find notebooks your kids love and make sure they have everything they need for homeschooling this year.

You likely need to go school shopping anyway, so make it a fun activity for you and your kids!

6. Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool By Decorating Notebooks

Pull out the stickers, glitter glue, and markers. Add names to the notebooks. Write the subject on the notebook cover with glitter glue.

Use markers to draw kids studying or pictures of the subject being studied. 

Each kid will end up with a personal notebook to use while studying.

7. Back-to-Homeschool Pictures

Pull out your camera to take some back-to-homeschool pictures. Be sure to write the child’s age and grade on a piece of paper and have your child hold the sheet. When you get the pictures to your liking, print them up and post them on a bulletin board.

Then send the picture to your children’s grandparents and put it in your planner. You’ll love having the pictures to see how much your children grow over the year!

8. Game Day as a Back to Homeschool Celebration

Start the new homeschool year with a game day. This is a day when you pull out educational games and enjoy spending time as a family.

Pop some popcorn and pull out the snacks. Pick up some new games. And take turns choosing what games to play. Everyone will love starting the new school year by spending time together.

9. Homeschool Scavenger Hunt

Put together a homeschool scavenger for your kids to celebrate the new homeschool year. Have the kids look for events on Google or in an encyclopedia. Send your children outside to look for rocks, plants, and birds. 

Another idea is to give your children a list of school supplies they need for the school year. Then send your kids on a scavenger hunt to find all the supplies they need. Can they find colored pencils, fancy markers, or a watercolor set? 

Your kids will enjoy playing a school supply scavenger hunt while you enjoy letting your kids do the shopping.

10. Decorate Homeschool Area

Preparing your homeschool area is another great way to start the new school year. Choose artwork to hang on the walls. Hang up maps, alphabet charts, and number charts.

Print, frame, and hang pictures of the people you’ll study throughout the school year. Have your children help to organize shelves. 

If you’re fortunate enough to have a homeschool room, arrange the desks and tables to promote studying.

Be sure to make it a party atmosphere with snacks and music.

Celebrate Back-to-Homeschool Ideas

Taking the time to celebrate starting the new school year is a great way to build excitement in your children, get ready to learn, and have some fun. You can shop for school supplies, take some back-to-homeschool pictures, or decorate your homeschool area. Other ideas include going on a field trip or hosting a homeschool party.

No matter what you end up doing, celebrating the start of the new homeschool year is a great way to make sure you’re ready for the new school year, and the kids are excited to start their studies.

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