5 Days of Frugal Stocking Stuffers: Day 3 = Teens

Welcome back to 5 Days of Stocking Stuffer Ideas!!  Today is Day 3, and we're listing great FRUGAL stocking stuffers for teens.  (Day 1 was stocking stuffers for girls and Day 2 was for boys.) I don't know about you, but my experience has been that teens generally cost a lot more money than their younger siblings — for just about EVERYTHING, lol.  So it's a bit more of a challenge to find frugal stocking My 5-Days of FRUGAL stocking stuffers continues with today's list of stocking stuffer ideas for the teen in your life!stuffers for them; but it CAN BE DONE.  The ideas I list below are all right around $5, just like all the stocking stuffer ideas in every other post this week.

OK, so no more stalling, here are my tried-and-true suggestions for stocking stuffers for teens:

1) Earbuds — I'm talking the cheapest ones at the store.  I've bought nice ones (read “more expensive”) for my teens before, and guess what happens?  They lose them or pull them out wrong in a fit of anger and break them, they forget to put them away and the cat uses them for a play toy… So just plan on buying the cheapos multiple times, until they can afford to get their own.

2) Key Ring — Every teen loves the idea of learning to drive.  Even if they are still too young to have their permit, a key ring gives them the thrill that they will someday soon have their own set of keys.

3) A mug — These days even teens are drinking coffee.  Get the kid their own mug to use around the house.

4) Poker chips — Most teens, I've found, would love to learn how to play poker.  Give them a set of chips and then you can spend family time teaching them the game.  Is teaching them to play poker the same as teaching them to gamble?  No, it is not.  You don't have to use any money at all — that's what the chips are for. :-)

5) $5 Amazon gift card — which can be gotten free by using Swagbucks.  Your teen could buy a few songs with this, or a book, or put it towards that game controller they've been wanting…

6) Pajama bottoms — I can almost always find these cheap cheap cheap at the Old Navy clearance section.  Another good place to look is Aeropostale.

7) Goofy t-shirt — I found a bunch of Phineas and Ferb ones on clearance at Kohl's one year.  Hey, it's not supposed to be cool; it's supposed to be goofy!  The cool ones cost too much money, lol. There are also Aeropostale and W-mart, which often have fun t-shirts for not much.

8) Fun mouse pad — Again, it doesn't necessarily have to be the coolest thing out there, just something fun that will make them smile and think of you. :-)

9) A new phone cover/case — Depending on how old their phone is, you might find one of these at TJ Maxx or other similar store for just a few bucks.

10) Colored Sharpies — You can't give these to a younger kid, for obvious reasons, lol, but I think your teen can be trusted to stick to marking on paper — or at least on non-valuables! :-) Get a few in some wild colors and enjoy the artistic creations that result.

Tomorrow I'll be listing some educational stocking stuffers.  We can't let our kids have too much fun, now, can we?  Muahahaha… But seriously, the stocking stuffer ideas on tomorrow's list will still be things that the kids will enjoy — for the most part, anyway, lol.

And then Day Five will be FUN stuff suitable for anyone!

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  1. I’ve also found that micro USB chargers are fairly cheap and make great stocking stuffers. I have no idea where ours go to but they’re always missing. My boys also take karate and this year they’re all getting new mouth guards; not exciting but they need them!

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