Do your teens have a passion?

Lisa Nehring dives into the common concern of parents: “Help! My kids don't have a passion!” Join us as we explore practical strategies to help your children discover and develop their passions through homeschooling. Lisa discusses the importance of creating a “smorgasbord” of opportunities, allowing kids to explore various interests and activities.

Key Takeaways:

Understanding Passion: Learn what passion is and why it's essential for your child's development.

Creating a Smorgasbord: Discover how offering a variety of experiences and subjects can ignite your child's interests.

Homeschooling Benefits: Understand the unique advantages homeschooling offers in fostering passions.

Practical Tips: Get actionable advice on how to encourage your children to explore and find what excites them.

Role of Parents: Learn the critical role parents play in guiding and supporting their children's journey to find their passion.

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Lisa Nehring
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