3 Important Purposes of Education & Why Homeschool Parents Should Care

Guys, I have a quick question for you. What's the purpose of education? I ask this question all the time when I'm doing live workshops, and everybody kind of pauses—they haven't really thought about it too much. So, I want to give you three important purposes for education, regardless of what level your kids are at, what methodology you use, whether you're homeschool, public, or private school—this is across the board.

As we are in the fourth Industrial Revolution, it is such an important concept to get a hold of because our kids are going to live and work in this world. You've heard me talk about this so much before. There's a blurring of lines between physical, biological, and digital spheres now. This is the world of work and the world of education our kids are going to live in.

I have an interesting stat for you: 85% of the jobs in 2030 haven't been invented yet. Let that sink in. So, understanding the purpose of education is more important than ever before because, like every industrial revolution, some jobs are just going to go kaput, and other industries and jobs are just going to come out of nowhere.

When's the last time you used a cartwright? Nobody even knows what a cartwright was or is—those are the people who make the wheels for a cart or a buggy. But once the automotive industry took the world by storm, guess what? That whole industry just went kaput, bottom up. We're in another industrial revolution, and it's going to happen, and we're seeing it already.

So, what are the three purposes of education? Listen in to the podcast now or watch on YouTube.

Lisa Nehring
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