Dive into Summer Fun with Shark Week Activities for All Ages

Shark Week, a highly anticipated annual TV event, captures the imagination of millions of viewers around the world. This summer, why not turn Shark Week into a week-long adventure for your homeschoolers? If you're out of inspo, we've got you covered with age-appropriate activities inspired by the ocean and sharks, perfect for elementary, middle, and high school! So, get ready to dive into summer fun while learning about these fascinating creatures!

Elementary Aged Kiddos

a. Create a Shark Craft: Engage young learners in a hands-on craft activity by making shark-themed crafts. They can create paper plate sharks, shark puppets, or even design their own shark masks using simple craft supplies. Plan on an entire afternoon of shark themed crafting or a craft a day-either way, your elementary aged kiddos will practice creativity and fine motor skills!

b. Shark-Inspired Snacks: Whip up some ocean-themed snacks! Prepare Seafoam and Shark Jello cups ” or make shark-shaped sandwiches using shark cookie cutters. These treats add excitement to snack time while embracing the Shark Week theme.

c. Shark Storytime: Choose age-appropriate books about sharks to read aloud. “The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark” by Ken Geist and “Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean's Most Fearless Scientist” by Jess Keating are engaging choices that will captivate young learners and spark their curiosity about marine life.

d. Movie Time: Finding Nemo is a timeless classic, introducing kids to the beauty of the ocean, Geography, friendship, and resiliency, while keeping the entertainment factor high.

e. Virtual Field Trips: Check out the Tropical Reef Camera-Virtual Field Trip To Aquarium of the Pacific Ocean!


Middle School

a. Shark Research Project: Encourage middle schoolers to dive deep into shark research. Assign them a specific type of shark to study, and guide them in researching its habitat, diet, unique characteristics, and conservation efforts. They can present their findings in a written report, a poster, or even a digital presentation.

b. Shark Trivia Game: Organize a fun and educational shark-themed trivia game. Create trivia questions related to different shark species, their behaviors, and interesting facts. This activity not only tests their knowledge but also encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

c. Shark Movie Marathon: Enjoy a movie marathon featuring shark-themed films suitable for middle schoolers. Movies like “Finding Dory,” “Deep Blue Sea,” and “The Shallows” provide both entertainment and an opportunity to learn more about sharks and the ocean.

d. Snacks: Whip up some Seaweed Dip and Shark Fin Chips to gnosh on while doing research, and be sure to have some Ocean Water on hand!

e. Virtual Field Trips: Check out Ocean Voyager Live Webcam | Georgia Aquarium | See Whale Sharks to get up close and personal with some of the great creatures of the deep!

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High School Homeschoolers:

a. Shark Tank-Inspired Entrepreneurship Project: Channel the entrepreneurial spirit by assigning high schoolers a shark tank-style project. Ask them to develop a business idea, create a product or service, and present a comprehensive business plan, including marketing strategies and financial projections. This project nurtures critical thinking, problem-solving, and presentation skills. Have a bag of gold doubloons on hand to reward your student's hard work!

b. Virtual Shark Expedition: Take advantage of virtual resources to embark on a virtual shark expeditions. Online platforms and websites offer interactive experiences that allow students to explore the ocean's depths, learn about different shark species, and witness their behaviors firsthand. This activity provides a unique opportunity for high schoolers to delve into marine biology and environmental science.

c. Shark Conservation Campaign: Encourage high schoolers to raise awareness about shark conservation by designing a campaign. They can create posters, infographics, or short videos to educate others about the importance of protecting sharks and their habitats. This activity develops research skills, creativity, and an understanding of environmental issues.

d. A kids gotta eat, amiright? Shark Bait is always hit, but you can always just put some recipies in front of you teens and let them plan and create some fun shark themed food for the fam!

d. Virtual Field Trip: the Great Barrier Reef, of course!

e. Movies: Kon Tiki is based on legendary explorer Thor Heyerdal's epic crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947.

Shark Week is a fun way to enjoy summer while still working in some theme-based learning, how fun is that? So, dive into the world of sharks and make this year's Shark Week, unforgettable!

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