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Excelsior Classes is giving away a FREE one-semester class!

Excelsior Classes offers Junior High and Senior High online LIVE classes to help you homeschool your teen. Their goal is to be “the premier online partner of homeschool parents in educating their children.”

Students attend a live class once a week. All work is submitted electronically and the grading is done by the teacher. Many courses are NCAA approved! 

Online classes are a great way to give your teen outside accountability (that they might actually pay attention to, hello) as well as depth of learning that you might not be able to provide. Excelsior classes are designed so that all you need to do is provide general supervision. Gotta love that!



Our courses are live classes with stimulating instruction by passionate subject matter experts. Opportunities for interactive dialogue with instructors and other students abound.

While age appropriate, our courses provide college preparatory experiences with accountability to teachers who both care about students and are extremely knowledgeable in their subject area.

All courses are couched within a Christian worldview and are taught by mature Christians. This is our mission field!

See their course selection here: EXCELSIOR COURSE CATALOG for 2020-2021. You will certainly find something that your teen can dig their teeth into, and that you feel comfortable signing them up for, knowing that Scripture will be the lens by which all content is evaluated. Sounds amazing to me!

Use code excelsior2020reg for 50% off the registration fee!

Use code annie50fy for $50 off a full-year course!

Use code annie35sc for $35 off a semester course!


Drawing will be held July 1, 2020. Winner will be notified by email.

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