Study Skills: The Shark’s Guide to Dominating the Academic Ocean!

Dive into the exciting world of sharks and unleash your inner academic predator! Just like these ocean rulers reign supreme as apex predators, high school students can rise to the top of the academic food chain by mastering essential study skills. A few well mastered study skills can turn fish bait students into the apex learners of the classroom!

Sharks: Rulers of the Academic Ocean

  1. Top of the Academic Food Chain: Sharks are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the ocean food chain. Just like sharks are the top predators in the ocean, becoming an academic shark means mastering certain behaviors. By excelling in our studies, we can inspire others and take the lead in creating a positive and motivating learning environment for everyone.
  2. Senses on Fleek: Sharks have super senses that help them track down their prey from miles away. In the same way, high school students need to sharpen their senses, like communication, collaboration, creativityobservation and critical thinking skills, to catch every detail in their studies and grasp even the trickiest concepts.
  3. Powerful Study Techniques: Sharks move effortlessly through the water with their streamlined bodies, and we can move smoothly through our studies with powerful study techniques! Whether it's active reading, smart note-taking, or using mneumonic techniques like flashcards, these study hacks will keep us swimming ahead in the academic race.
  4. Time Management Frenzy: Just like sharks conserve energy during their hunts, we need to be smart about time management. By setting study schedules, we can make the most of our time, leaving plenty of room for relaxation and other cool activities!

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Study Skills: Becoming the Apex Learner

The Thrill of the Hunt: Imagine studying as an exciting hunt for knowledge and help your kids become an autodidact!

  • Limit time on electronic devices
  • Don't offer constant entertainment or amusement.
  • Allow time for boredom, reflection and mulling time.
  • Expect daily personal readng

Outsmarting the Challenges: Sharks don't give up when they encounter obstacles, and neither should we! With the right study skills, we can outsmart the trickiest exams and assignments, proving that we're the true masters of our academic ocean. Give your kids the gift of grit!

  • Do hard things with your kids! Set some fun, but challenging goals together- academic, spiritual, physical and build your grit together!
  • Don't confuse fun with fulfillment and the hard work that leads to that deep sense of accomplishment. Not everything has to be fun to be worth our time and effort.
  • True accomplishments based on natural talent and acqured skills builds confidence!

Teamwork and Collaboration: Sharks often hunt in groups, showing us the power of teamwork. Likewise, study groups and collaborating with classmates can help us learn from each other, boost motivation, and make studying a more enjoyable experience.

Give your kids experiences through local group or online classes that allow them to work in groups and collaborate with others!

Celebrate Progress: Every successful hunt is a reason to celebrate for sharks, and so is every academic triumph for us!

Create goals with your kids and decide together how you'll celebrate the wins. Whether it's a Lego set for completing the phonics program, a special dinner or time together can make even the most challenging tasks more doable! Especially if the kids have a say in what the celebration will be!

As we dive back into the world of sharks, we're reminded that with the right study skills, we can become the apex learners of our academic ocean. Just like these fascinating creatures have mastered the art of survival and dominance, we too can conquer any subject, exam, or challenge that comes our ay. So, let's embrace the excitement of the hunt for knowledge, outsmart the academic challenges, and ride the wave of confidence to success! Together, as academic sharks, we'll rule the school and make a splash in the vast ocean of knowledge! Keep swimming and keep learning – you've got this!

Lisa Nehring
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