“High School Health for the Whole Person” an Indepth Review

Overview: We all want our kids to be healthy, happy and whole! High School Health for the Whole Person gives High School level students a firm foundation for keeping and maintaining health -from a wholistic point of view! 

Health: we all want it, appreciate it when we have it, and miss it when we don’t! High School Health for the Whole Person addresses all of it!

Health might seem so integral to your life that it’s not even a subject you’ve considered “teaching” to your kids. While your state might not require Health for graduation (some do) in today’s fast-paced health as business world we live in, a solid health class is a practical way to equip your kids to make well-informed decisions that could affect them indefinitely. 

But look, who wants a stale, same-old study? 

Not to worry, 7 Sisters has come up with a fantastic curriculum: High School Health for the Whole Person.

High School Health for the Whole Person | Curriculum Review of 7 Sisters high school health program

“High School Health for the Whole Person” will equip your kids to understand HOW their bodies work and how to know when it isn’t. Furthermore, they’ve addressed brain and mental health in a way that is useful to young adults who are preparing to launch in a time of complexity.

What's Included in the Curriculum

High School Health for the Whole Person includes a robust 268-page text which is divided into 2 parts: Physical Health and Mental Health.

Also included with the program are:

  • Tests
  • Syllabus
  • Errata

The Syllabus includes Topics Covered, Grading Scale, and Weekly Guide for a 30-week year, including information about how to level up the course to be a college prep or rigorous honors level class. Super useful for us busy Moms (and who isn’t?) and perfect to use in a co-op or micro-school! 

While I firmly believe that credentials aren’t always necessary (hello, Erin Brockovich), I do appreciate the fact that Marilyn Groop, (B.S.) P.T, and Vicki Tillman (M.A) both have academic credentials and professional experience behind them. And it shows!

The text is informative without being overwhelming, the enrichment activities are actually enriching- does anyone else hate busy work?! – and provide students with resources that they might refer back to throughout their life! Furthermore, they handle what could be potentially tricky areas of discussion like reproductive health and dysfunction, pornography, self-regulation, and more with tact and pragmatic diplomacy. So, parents who’ve been avoiding awkward conversations, here is your solution. Let this well-laid-out, excellent Health program lead the way. Awkward conversations just become part of the health assignment!

And look, parents, you NEED to be talking to your kids about health issues because we all have that inner voice telling us to pound the bag of Doritos, or ignore the warning signs, or take a peek out of curiosity, or ignore your friend's quiet plea for help.

The world is rife with places for our kids to fall and stumble, and we all know the saying, “little kids, little problems, bigger kids, bigger problems.”

Health, or the lack of it, affects all aspects of our lives, so don’t overlook this important subject, especially for our high schoolers! 

This outstanding program, published by 7 Sisters who create “no busy work, PDF curriculum,” is highly recommended. Use it for a Science, Health, Life Skills, or Elective Credit. Perfect for at-home use, this would also be a great study to do with a co-op or micro-school.

High School Health for the Whole Person | Curriculum Review of 7 Sisters high school health program
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