Guilt free Motivation for the Teen You Love

Is your kids bored and unmotivated? I get it! Motivating kids is a big part of homeschooling. Let's face it, it's a big part of parenting!

Not to worry, I've got 3 easy steps for you to tap into your kid's motivation and help them activate their own desire to learn, grow and develop! Ready? Here we go!

Guilt Free Motivation in 3 Easy Steps

First of all, set clear and specific expectations. This can be for the year and by subject, by the unit study, by the chore. You name it. Kids do better – and let's face it, most people do better- when they are clear about what is expected from them. Pro Tip: Include your kids in setting those clear and specific expectations! You might be pleasantly surprised at what they come up with!

Secondly, create a challenge that is just beyond their current knowledge or skills set. Remember the Goldilocks Principle I'm always talking about? Not too hard, not too easy, just beyond what they are already comfortable with – you know, a slight stretch that causes them to reach a bit. No real growth occurs without some friction and our brains are created to what new info, stimulation and challenge. Kids who don't get have that get bored and lethargic.

Lastly, provide immediate feedback. Your kids needs a feedback loop in order to improve. As homeschoolers we are the academic coach, and our kids look to us to know what they did well, what they need to improve on and what they need to stop doing! Every good coach knows that they won't see good improvement without clear specifics on which to improve. If you can't do this, outsource the feedback loop! It is integral to academic learning and improvement!

That's it. Seriously. It's easy, but it does take time and intention. But you've got this. You've been providing great parenting for these kids their entire lives.

Remember, our brains are designed to want new and stimulating information and experiences. So, creating those kind of educational opportunities means that our kids will stay motivated! And that is a win for everyone!

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