Good Clean Books for Teens – Fiction, Mystery, Christian, Non-Fiction

Overview: It can be hard to find good clean books for teens that are interesting AND appropriate. Here is my list of books I'm not scared to recommend to anyone! Disclosure link.

Today we come to the last installment in our series on giving books as gifts — just in time to head to the bookstore or order with 2-day shipping for Christmas! This has been a fun series to write as I've revisited many of my family's favorites.

If you are just joining us, you may want to read the introduction to the series and the three other installments: books for toddler – early elementary, for girls ages 8 – 14 (give or take), and for boys of the same age.

Teen fiction is an interesting genre. I actually have a few problems with it. The main one is that in most books labeled “Young Adult,” the main characters are in fact portrayed as adults who just happen to be younger.  In other words, they are teens, but they are wise, intelligent, and verbal beyond their years. Tim Challies says it this way:

“The way the main characters express themselves sounds suspiciously like the way a middle-aged man would express himself, and especially so if he was trying to impress everyone else with his deep thoughts and extensive lexicon.” 

He is discussing a particular book, but I think his observation applies throughout the teen literature genre. You can read his full article here.

Another problem for me is that many of the currently popular teen books are set in a dystopian society. And the main character teen just happens to save the world without much help from the adults. In fact, the adults are generally in the way or ineffective. Also, in these dystopian books there is often an element of horror that I find disturbing.

And last but not least, in teen books of today we often find teens partaking in activity that should be left to the adults, if you get my meaning. To me this is not a good thing. The idea of purity and innocence until marriage seems to have been thrown out by most of society; well, I for one would like to keep it. So a book with “scenes” is not going to be one I let my child read. Nor will I recommend it here.

So in this book list you will not find horror or dystopia. You will not find teens who think they are adults. You will not find sex.  You will just find good clean books for teens that don't need to rely on those other things to be great. They speak for themselves with excellent characterization, plot, and setting. They are not “fad” books; they will be on your teen's shelf for a long time and will be read over and over again.

Good clean books for teens

Good Clean Books for Teens

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.The Ranger's Apprentice series, by John Flanagan. Similar to the Squire's Tales series from the list for junior high boys, this series features an orphan boy who finds himself in situations where he can make a difference.  Will becomes an apprentice to a Ranger, who is kind of like a spy.  The time period is sometime when the most advanced weaponry is a crossbow, so one's wits are very important to survival.  There is a lot of adventure, a few battles, and plenty of suspense as Will learns his trade, growing in skill and character throughout the series.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen. I didn't read this book until adulthood, but all of my older girls have read it as part of their high-school literature curriculum. I recommend it because it is a classic, because the use of language will stretch your brain, and because it is a good commentary on developing snap judgments about people based on appearances or hearsay. Guys may not be too into it, but the girls on your list will love it. (Surprisingly enough, my son enjoyed Jane Eyre, so don't make assumptions about what either boys or girls will prefer.)

  • Anything by Jules VerneLast installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.. These are great books for guys, and girls may enjoy them, too. They are thick reads with lots of detail.  20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth are two that stand out. (And yes, they both have movies — but this article is about good clean BOOKS for teens — not good clean MOVIES for teens. Books keep kids entertained longer than movies; have you noticed?) These are science fiction at its best.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy. This is a fun, suspenseful story that takes place during the French Revolution. The Scarlet Pimpernel is a man who helps aristocrats escape from France to England. He is dashing, debonair, very smart, and also a big secret — until the woman he loves finds out who he is… I frankly LOVE this story.

  • The Hiding PlaceLast installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens., by Corrie Ten Boom.  This is the true story about Corrie Ten Boom and her family, who helped hide Jews from the Nazis in Holland during World War II.  Spoiler alert: they get arrested and taken to a concentration camp.  It is an amazing testimony to our response to suffering and the faithfulness of God.  It brings perspective back to our materialistic, me-first existence.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.Do Hard Things, by Alex and Brett Harris.  In homeschool circles the Harris family is well-known.  Two of their boys wrote this book about the low expectations prevalent in today's society in regard to teen behavior; they advocate a “Rebelution” in which teens seek to aim higher and practice discipline and diligence as they pursue difficult tasks and projects.  What parent doesn't want this message given to their teen?  The writing is very motivating; all of my teens have been impacted by this book.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.Saved Without a Doubt, by John MacArthur.  In my opinion, this should be required reading for every teen in every Christian family.  Praying a prayer as a small child does not necessarily salvation make; in the teen years a child may be re-thinking everything he has been taught.  In this book, MacArthur lists the characteristics of someone who has been saved for anyone to evaluate themselves against.  It is clear and easy to understand, and it just may help your teen clarify his own thoughts.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.Stepping Heavenward, by Elizabeth Prentiss.  This book is fiction but reads like the diary of a real person. The main character is turning 16 at the beginning of her diary; we follow along as she grows in her Christian faith throughout the years. We are encouraged and spurred on in our own walk-through reading about hers. This one is probably more for girls than guys, in general.

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.The All Creatures Great and Small series, by James Herriot. These books have been around since I was in high school… which means awhile, lol. They are the sorta fictionalized sorta true account of the author's life as a large-animal veterinarian in England in the mid-twentieth century. These books are full of lovable characters and funny/interesting stories. They make great reading for anyone interested in animals, but the rest of the population will like them, too. Both of my “hands-on, less interested in sitting still” kids really liked this series. It has been re-created by PBS twice now — I haven't watched the newest version, but the original TV series was done really well. But as always, books first!

  • Last installment of a series about giving books as gifts. These are my picks of clean and encouraging good books for teens.anything by Agatha Christie. These mystery books will be found in the adult section, but any teenager can read them as their introduction to the mystery genre — there is nothing inappropriate or overtly “adult” in them. And Agatha Christie is not considered the Grand Dame of mystery for nothing. The plots are complicated, the characters intriguing, and you never can figure out who dunnit. This is good suspense writing, folks, not your gory horrific variety. Start with And Then There Were None — ten people on an island are getting killed off one by one… shiver…

I've said it before and I will say it again:  I love books. And these are no exception. Hopefully in this list you've found some good clean books for teens that will be a hit in your home.

This series has been a joy to write, to share some of my friends with y'all.  That's what happens with a good book — it becomes your friend.  Give your teen new “friends” that will remain faithful through their whole lives!

*originally posted 2014.

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13 thoughts on “Good Clean Books for Teens – Fiction, Mystery, Christian, Non-Fiction”

  1. My wife and I have the problem of finding books that aren’t filled with a lot of sex/language/etc so I created a site that allows users to add books and then reviews based on content (sex/violence/language). It is a huge help for anyone who is looking for books that are appropriate for teens all the way to adults. It’s Look it up and add some books and tell a friend!

  2. Society has done away with the purity until marriage concept. Sex is the most talked about thing in high schools, not by teachers but by students. It’s not going to disappear from high schools and middle schools.

      1. Are the other Jane Austen books clean reads as well? How about anything from I get overwhelmed trying to find books for my teens…

  3. Thank you for making this list! Recently, I am having trouble finding a book that I can feel comfortable reading! All I wanted was a book that is either about heartwarming friendships between girls and/or a sweet romance between a man and woman. Yet, whenever I read modern books, I ended up regretting it because they (especially the graphic novels) contain stuff that is against my Christian faith such as teens becoming lgbtq+, teens making fun of others for being a virgin or a geek (e.g. Grease and Mean Girls), teens trying to ditch their loser friends to join a popular mean girl clique. Others just have annoying elements like annoying love triangles (I’m looking at you Twilight and Hunger Games!), or teens being mean to their sisters and brothers. I have already read Pride and Prejudice so I already trusted that book. I will give the others a try.

  4. FARAH, As a parent of 4 youths I’d like to just say: Good for You!!! You’re sticking to Christlike values, a rarety in these tumultuous times and a pleasure to observe. Be proud of you! 👏 🥳 🎉

  5. Need a non fiction book for my 15 year old for class. The one she has I don’t like. Looking for clean and Christian values – certainly there has got to be one story!

  6. First of all, thank you for comprising this list! We need more clean books to combat the forces that are polluting our kids minds. Secondly, I would like to plug an author who has written some clean books for teens. He wrote a series for tweens-teens titled: The Fuller Creek Series, which is geared for both guys and girls. Secondly, he wrote a Christmas book titled: The Christmas I’ll Never Forget. This book has been touted by many readers, and was a featured book on the KNLB Treehouse One radio show by Miss Debbie. The author’s name is David C. Reyes, and you can find these books under his or the titles name.
    Thank you,

  7. (Please read in a kind tone :) as that is the way it is written.)I don’t hold the same opinion about Agatha Christie unless her first book is different from the rest. I want books for my children and my teens, as well as myself, that are also free from any cussing or profanity period! I was recommended Agatha Christie for this reason. So, I went to my local used book store and purchased her first novel. I didn’t finish it because not even halfway through the book there were three curse words. Are the rest of her books different? Maybe, it’s just her very first book. I personally love a good mystery and if this is just only her first book, we’d be willing to give another one a try. Thanks! :)

  8. Hi
    My just turned 11yo reads at the 11/12th grade level, any good clean mysteries (no murders) with family values?

  9. Just glad to know there are other parents out there who are concerned about keeping things “clean” for their kids. The world of literature is full of lots of amazing stories and authors who aren’t trying to push an anti-God agenda on us or our kids. They are just good storytellers! I keep on telling my kids that there’s a lot out there to read, but you should “choose the better part”. You won’t regret it!

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