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A Bible Curriculum for Today's Family

In today's increasingly customizable education landscape, Answers Bible Curriculum emerges as a shining beacon of Biblical truths for those seeking a tailored approach to religious education.

Their innovative curriculum design caters to families of any size, offering a versatile teacher guide that seamlessly adapts to students of varying ages. With 36 meticulously crafted lessons, Answers Bible Curriculum ensures an enriching educational journey, aligning perfectly with the typical school year or flexible homeschool schedules.

This review delves into the heart of Answers Bible Curriculum offerings, exploring the details of the curriculum—from the durability and aesthetic appeal of their materials to the depth of their biblical lessons. Emphasizing the curriculum‘s practicality, quality, and its unique ability to enhance family devotional life, we uncover why ABC Homeschool stands out as an invaluable resource for those wishing to intertwine academic rigor with spiritual growth, while ensuring Biblical truth is taught.

Review of Answers in Genesis ABC Homeschool

Answers in Genesis ABC Bible Curriculum Review by Tamara Pool, It's Not That Hard to Homeschool K-8

ABC Homeschool offers a single teacher guide to be used with any age  and any number of students. Each student receives an age-appropriate  workbook filled with puzzles, activities, and review questions. They have prepared 36 lessons per year to give you plenty of material to fill a typical  school year or adjust by dividing the learning activities based on the number  of days you wish to cover. 

Of course, homeschool families know that any curriculum may be adapted to suit their schedule and their needs. Go at your pace, use what you need, and save the rest for another time.  

Some of the things I personally love about this curriculum are the quality  and thoughtfulness of the actual product.  

All of the books are three-hole-punched! All of the pages are perforated for easy tear-out AND the paper is quality –  not thin paper that rips and shreds if you want to erase or bleeds if you use  a marker. This is the good stuff. 

Everything is full color with quality, respectful illustrations that present the  Biblical characters within their ethnic and historic setting.  

The Answer Key is also in color – so you don’t have to highlight the answers for easy reference! Really! They considered every detail! Things like color differentiation really make a homeschool parent’s day so much easier. 

I love that many of the activities can be done orally and that they incorporate other historical perspectives so that families may be prepared to give an answer.

Biblical truth can stand up to scrutiny, so we do not need  to be afraid to look closely and ask probing questions. For example, this  helps students process popular depictions of the Ark and understand how  all of the animals could fit on the ark. It also shows the size compared to  familiar ships. Flood legends are introduced and compared to the Biblical account as well as scientific and historical confirmation. 

These books are thorough, practical, and worth the investment of time and money.  

Finally, some of us may wonder why we need a Bible curriculum. Why not  simply read scripture and discuss it? Or, why not rely on our local church to  provide the instruction? 

Reading and discussing scripture is a great way to study the Bible as a  family. These books do not replace that – they enhance it. Many parents do  not have the time to study science and history and apply it to Biblical  context. These books do that for you. They will support your family's devotional life. 

Our local churches cannot provide in a few hours a week what we should  be providing daily. One of the best things about this curriculum is that they  have created complete sets for churches, schools, and for homeschool  settings. Your church can adopt this program for Pre-K all the way through  Adults to provide literacy in the Biblical Meta-narrative for all ages. Please  check out their website and download a free sample or order your set  today!

Suggested schedule of the Answers Bible Curriculum, review from It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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Tamara Pool has been married for 29 years and homeschooled her three children, now ages 21, 23, and 25, all the way through high school. She earned her undergraduate degree from North Central University in MN, majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies: Psychology & Communication Arts. While homeschooling, she assisted her husband in his pastoral role and also tutored/coached students in classical subjects, voice, and drama. 

 One of her favorite things is encouraging parents and inspiring teens to pursue deep relationships with God and family and embrace their educational journey. Tamara has served as a conference speaker and homeschool consultant for over 10 years. When she’s not teaching, you’ll find Mrs. Pool enjoying family time, making (or tidying) a creative mess, or studying for her Master of Arts degree in Classical Studies.

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