Transcription Careers for Homeschool Moms? Yes. Interview with MedTranscription

Consider a Career as a Medical Transcriptionist! As a medical Transcriptionist, you will become a Medical Language Specialists. You will learn advanced medical teminology, Anatomy & Physiology, Pharmaceutical Terms and medical specialties. Our program trains students to be thorough and exceptional medical transcriptionists and we hire 100% of our successful graduates. Successful graduates possess common sense and a strong work ethic. It’s typical for medical transcriptionists to earn up to $60 per hour.

Cost of training varies but going through Deborah’s program, it is around $3000. If students attend the webinar, cost is halved. Medical Transcriptionist work with Doctors around the U.S. This is a growing field, that will continue to grow!

Get to know Debra and about a medical transcriptionist career:

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