How to Make Money Online Teaching English Part-time

Thanks to VIPKID for sponsoring this post! I am sharing my honest thoughts, y'all. I am all about recommending ONLY what I think will help YOU. :-)

Are you the one that “gets” to do the budget in your home? I am. And I. HATE. IT.

The main reason is that there is NEVER enough money to go around. The frustration of trying to pay everything due is bad enough, but to see the debt hanging there month after month with no significant reduction is just plain demoralizing.

What's a gal to do?? Maybe start looking for ways to bring in some extra money.

For me, I'm doing that through blogging — and two other jobs, one of which is outside the home.

But you may not have the ability to work elsewhere, due to having small children at home, or living out in the country, or any other reason — including just plain not wanting to (which is totally valid, btw).

Enter VIPKID. This is a way to earn money from home that sounds really amazing. If I weren't already at my capacity, I would totally be signing up for this one, y'all.

You can teach online part-time!

But what is VIPKID, you ask??? It is a service that provides online English lessons to Chinese children ages 4-12. It's only been around for four years, but there are over 200,000 Chinese students participating, and they have over 20,000 English-speaking teachers.

It's the perfect work-from-home opportunity. You can teach English to a Chinese child! You can impact a life for the better! And not just any life, but one from another country. It's all so global-conscious and other-centered — what a ministry!

And yet you get paid to do it — an average of $19 per hour, according to self-reports from existing teachers. And there are incentives in addition to that, including cash, prizes, trips to China… *mind blown*

Homeschool moms can #makemoneyonline with #VIPKID. It's perfectly suited for our needs! #Workfromhome on YOUR schedule. Starting pay averages $19 per hour! Check it out!!

If you're wondering how they could have grown so quickly and offer so much, get this: they're backed by Kobe Bryant, y'all. (Among other high-level investors, of course). Yes, THE KOBE BRYANT, Lakers star and businessman extraordinaire. How cool is that? :-)

The thing is that working online for VIPKID is absolutely perfectly suited for homeschool moms.

We are at home, and we school. That means we have all the skills needed to do this job well!

The only specific requirements are that you have a Bachelor's degree (any field) and that you have at least one full year of teaching experience, which CAN be homeschooling. (Well, and that you are eligible to work in the US or Canada, obvs.) You do NOT need to know Chinese, in case you were worried about that!

They provide the curriculum; they provide the technology to make the online connection — all you have to do is show up. And have a blast teaching a cute kid who wants to learn, hello!!

Basically, they give you all the support you need, including a vibrant teacher community for when you are looking for help. It really sounds like a wonderful company to work for — and no gasoline expense or work clothes to buy. Just sayin'.

Homeschool moms can #makemoneyonline with #VIPKID. It's perfectly suited for our needs! #Workfromhome on YOUR schedule. Starting pay averages $19 per hour! Check it out!!

One of my friends teaches for VIPKID. She absolutely LOVES it. She says it is very flexible about how many hours you work and when, and you can change that as your own schedule changes. THAT IS HUGE — because we know life changes OFTEN, doesn't it?

My friend does this IN ADDITION TO her full-time job, and she says that's because she just truly enjoys it. Here is a fun tidbit from her:

“It is amazing to be able to impact children across the ocean, and take them from no English at all to talking to their parents in English! I had one mom tell me that she and her husband would use their English to talk about things they did not want their children to understand, until the day her son (who I teach) responded in English to what they said (fortunately it was just about being thirsty!)!”


So, we've established that VIPKID is an amazing opportunity to work from your home and help the family coffers, am I right? So now you just need to go get more information and get yourself signed up! You can do that here:


You can also follow them on social media:

P.S. If VIPKID doesn't sound right for you, I do have some other suggestions for increasing the cash flow. Take a look at my post Do the Side Hustle — Ways to Make Extra Money, and/or follow my Pinterest board, Side Hustle Solutions, where I am always pinning new ideas. :-)

If you're interested in trying blogging, check out my first ever blog income report, which is freshly-posted as of two weeks ago. :-)

But DO TAKE A LOOK AT VIPKID, even if you are unsure. I think you'll be glad you did!!

Homeschool moms can #makemoneyonline with #VIPKID. It's perfectly suited for our needs! #Workfromhome on YOUR schedule. Starting pay averages $19 per hour! Check it out!!

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

3 thoughts on “How to Make Money Online Teaching English Part-time”

  1. I have a friend who just started working for them. She said the hiring process was very rigorous, and they don’t hire a large percentage of people who apply. However, she made it in and is loving it. There are other companies out there that you can apply to if VIPKids doesn’t work out. You can also watch a lot of YouTube videos about working with VIPKids that can give you more information.

  2. This looks great. I would LOVE to apply. However, I only have an Associates Degree, not a Bachelors. Bummer. If you come across anything else like this but without a Bachelors needed, I would love to know about it.

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