Unprecedented Times Just Got Real

Elon Musk recently announced that they have successfully planted their first neuro chip into a human brain. Whew- we just entered a new era of economy, money and human/ cyborg relations.

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The president of the Carnie Foundation -of Carnegie Unit fame- – which you probably know as the high School Credit is re-thinking the efficacy of the credit based on trends in education as well as the working world. 

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Jobs are being outsourced to AI, robotics and the precision economy. 

While unprecedented might have been an overused word in 2020, it’s definitely the word of the decade and for good reason. 

As parents, we often prepare our kids for life in the way we were prepared. But, look, the world is changing- and very, very quickly. So, if we are preparing our kids for adulthood in the same way that we were 20- 30 years ago- or more- we are OUT DATED! 

Let’s take a look at how each generation has defined success to think through just how much our ideas change from generation to generation: 

Boomers Success 1946-1964 -Success was defined by 1, 2, 3, 4.

  • 1 Spouse
  • 2 Children
  • 3 Room Flat
  • 4 Wheels

Gen X Success 1965-1980 —defined success by the 5 C’s

  • Car
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Condominium
  • Country Club Membership

Millennials – Gen Y 1981- 1996 -defined success by the 5 B’s. 

  • BMW
  • Body (??) -focus on health
  • Brain (???) questioning, flexible, focus on growth mindset
  • Bungalow
  • Billionaire

Practically these translate into fun & fulfillment, freedom and fortune!

Gen z or iGen born 1997 – 2010

Generation Z kids are the first to be born into a world where they know nothing else besides being constantly connected to one another, albeit through phones, screens, and tablets.

The votes not on how they’ll define success but be assured that the anxious loneliness of 2020 and the fast pace of tech development will definitely play a part in the definition. 

Couple this with the fact that we have more leisure than ever before! Each of us has 168 hours a week or 8760 hours each year. And we can expect that for a good portion of htat time, we’ll be sleeping and working. But the number of working hours has drastically reduced over hte past 200 years. By 1830, most people worked an average of 69.1 hours a week. Today, we work on average 39.1 hours per week. 

That means that instead of an average lifetime of 43,000 hours of leisure, someone in the 1830’s might have enjoyed, people in 1995 enjoyed 176,100 hours of leisure. By 2040 lifetime leisure is expected to be at 246,000 hours! That’s a lot of leisure time! 

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All of this adds up to the reality that our young adults have some unique challenges- challenges that we did not face as we launched, and that our young adults will probably need help navigating. 

Top 3 Skills Young Adults Need

Let’s jump into the top 3 skills our young adults need, regardless of whether they go to college, and how many credits they graduate with.

  1. Agency: our personal capacity to effectively change events or the environment. Our ability to actively make choices, set and complete goals and to take responsibility for our actions. It includes personal confidence as we face life’s challenges and as we advocate for ourselves in various circumstances. 
  2. Integrated Identity: Successful adults have a clear understanding of who they are personally and collectively in relation to their values, beliefs and sense of purpose.
  3. Competencies: Young adults need a range of competencies, including cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and practical abilities; academic, life and interpersonal skills. Gaining competency will allow our young adults to thrive! 

Raising our kids and educating them is not a one size fits all proposition. After all, we are raising unique individuals and with homeschooling have the freedom to educate them according to their gifts and bents. Being aware of the times in which we live, including the sweeping technological changes can help us guide our young adults to a successful future, come what may. 

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