Ann-Notated: Ideas for Summer Activities

Summer break can be a time when things get a little crazy.  The days are more unstructured; and I know that in my home, kids can wreak havoc as they find chaotic creative things to do.  Or they get in a pattern of being stuck in front of a screen for the majority of the day.  So in addition to my Planning for a Fun Summer Break post, I’d like to present you with ideas from all over the internet about fitting some planned summer activities into the long and lazy days.  There’s a good cross-section here of age levels and types of activities — some dealing with academic subjects, some just plain fun — so get a cup of coffee and browse awhile!

Looking for summer activities to fill those long and lazy days? Look no further -- this list has got you covered!

Plans for Summer Homeschooling — Homeschool Creations has plans for a more relaxed version of homeschooling over the summer.

Y is for Year-Round Homeschooling — If you are considering full-out homeschooling over the summer, this guest post from the ABC’s of Homeschooling series has good reasons that might push you over the edge into commitment.  We did this when our kids were small; we all benefitted from the continued routine.

Printable Summer Binder + Activity Sheets — This is a cute idea for elementary age.  An entire personalized binder full of fun things to fill in and do!  Free at Thirty Handmade Days.

Free Pre-K/K Printable Pack All About Summer — This age level is not my usual target audience here on the blog, but since this pack at Blessed Beyond a Doubt was all about summer, I thought I’d make an exception.  This type of thing was NOT around when mine were this small, and I’m just plain envious!

All You Need for a DIY Summer Science Camp — This post includes links to all the experiments Erica and her kids did last summer.  Everything from experiencing a backyard geyser to crafting a homemade compass. Neat stuff!

Summer Schedule for Kids — This is a fun way to attack the summer: each day of the week has a theme, and you line up activities to match.  Includes free printable weekly outlines in various designs, at Somewhat Simple.

DIY Summer School — Lots of ideas and resources for preventing summer learning loss, at Busy Kids Happy Mom.  FAQ’s, links, everything you need!

Free Printable Reading Scavenger Hunt — We all want our kids to read over the summer! I love this idea at Modern Parent Messy Kids, and it would work over a wide age span.

Library Scavenger Hunt — This is not the same thing as the previous link — this one at What We Do All Day (who also had the Summer Science Camp above) takes place in one afternoon at the library.  This post includes links to all of her Great Summer Library Challenge posts, which also sound like they’re worth checking out!

19 Teen Crafts for Summer — This is a round-up of fun crafts for the teen girl in your life.  The color-changing phone case intrigues me… at A Little Craft in Your Day.

Summer Outdoor Night Games for Kids and Teens –Tips from a Typical Mom has all your favorite outdoor games — those best played after dark! — at your fingertips.

25 Boredom Buster Ideas for Teens — The “I’m bored!” wail can get old fast.  I will often assign a chore when I hear it!  But here is a list at Just Short of Crazy that I can turn to when I’m feeling more compassionate, lol.

How to Make a Leak Proof Water Blob — This looks like TONS of fun for any age!!  Homemade Toast has what looks like a fool-proof method.

Free Printable Summer Bucket List — It’s a cute form for brainstorming with your kids; Yellow Bliss Road also has printable idea lists to glean from.

Washi Tape Summer Boredom Jars — Brainstorming ideas, categorizing them, then finding a way to make it work.  All in a creative package.  And “While He Was Napping” has got to be one of the most fun blog names ever. :-)

Geocaching: What It Is and Why We’re Hooked — if you’ve ever been intrigued by the concept of geocaching, like I have, you’ll find this post at Teach Mama is a great primer for getting started.  Sounds like one of the more perfect summer activities out there!

Summer Fun: Read the Book, Watch the Movie — Andrea’s Notebook has a list of EIGHTY books for kids that have been made into movies!  I love books, and I love movies, so I’ll be consulting this list often this summer!


Track of the Week:  I can’t remember if I did this one before, but it goes perfectly with today’s subject, so I’m gonna do it anyway!  Summer Breeze, by Jason Mraz, is an updated version of a favorite older song.  I love his velvet voice and jazz stylings.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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