Ann-Notated: Do the Side Hustle — Ways to Make Extra Money

Everywhere I look these days, I’m seeing references to this thing called a “side hustle.”  And I gotta confess that I have fallen in love with the idea!  So much so that I want to coin my own hashtag: #dothesidehustle.  I tried seeing if anyone has used it, and it only came up ONCE, y’all — from over a year ago.  I wonder if possession being 9/10 of the law applies to hashtags?  Well, whether I can claim it or not, I’m gonna start putting it out there — so start using it!  Let’s get this party started!! If you don’t get the reference in the hashtag to a disco song from WAY back when, then just be happy that you’re young… sigh. :-)

What is a side hustle, you ask?  Side hustles are simply ways to make extra money with your extra time.  You’re making money on the side, get it?  And you’re hustling to do it, because since it’s not your main job, there is only so much extra time in your life.  If you sell something on Craigslist, that’s a side hustle.  If you take a second job, that’s a side hustle.  If you start making money from a hobby, like baking cakes for kids’ birthdays, that’s a side hustle.

I think with the economy the way it is — they (in the “they building”) seem to always be claiming that it is going to get better soon, and then “wow, whadda ya know, the DOW has dropped a gazillion points again, who knew?” — that many people are going to be looking for side hustles, if they haven’t done so already.  I know I am.  And the results of my research are right here!

And so here’s another Ann-Notated, this time with all sorts of ideas for possible side hustles.  Instead of looking all over the internet, you can come here to this one list — because I’ve already done the work for you.  Here there are lotsa ideas for ways to make extra money with your extra time.  I bet you can find one that’s right for you!

Looking for ways to make extra money? Look no further! I've got a roundup of articles from all over the web with a bunch of ideas for doing just that!

Oh, and I’ve started a new Pinterest board called Do the Side Hustle (no surprise), where I will be pinning all of the articles I come across that have side hustle ideas.  So click on through and follow that board, so that you will get more ideas in your Pinterest feed as I find them.

Grab your favorite warm beverage and take a gander at these ways to make extra money:

Ways to Make an Extra $1000 A Month at Making Sense of Cents — If you are trying to live the frugal lifestyle, or pay off debt, Michelle’s blog is one to follow.  In this article she lists several possibilities for ways to make more than just a little cash.  She is a success story, y’all — you can believe what she’s saying.

6 Hobbies You Can Turn into Money-Making Side Hustles at Single Moms Income — It could be that something you already know how to do could be making you money if you just found the right place for it.  Some of these could take over and become your full-time income, if you wanted them to.

Five Side Hustles You Probably Haven’t Thought Of at Go Girl Finance — She’s right; I hadn’t thought of them.  But one of them might be just right for you!  Remember, ANY money you make outside of your regular employment is a side hustle.  So it doesn’t have to be a regular gig; it could be a one-time deal.

Work That Side Hustle at The Budget Mama — This is not an idea for making extra money, but it IS a motivational speech to any of us who are afraid or think we’re unable to make a side hustle work.  It’s not as hard as it may seem on the front end!  Let’s do this thing!!

How I Made Over $4500 from Side Hustles at Believe in a Budget — Here’s a success story that shows just how much difference side hustles can make.  It’s about not just having one, but utilizing several different side hustles to create a sizable chunk of change.  You know what they say about having multiple streams of income… well, here ya go.

7 Tips for Selling on Etsy at Save to Splurge — If you are a crafter and want to start selling your stuff, Etsy is the place to do it.  Here are some great tips from a gal who has been doing it for years now.

Side Hustle Idea: How to Digitize Video Tapes at Money Propeller — We ALL have stacks of VHS tapes in our homes.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone convert them all to DVD?  Why don’t YOU become that someone?  Here’s how!

52 Ways to Make Extra Money Fast at PT Money — I bet there are at least a few on here that you’ve never heard of before; maybe this list has your ticket to financial freedom!

100+ Real and Honest Ways to Make Money in College at The College Investor — Perhaps because I have THREE college students of my own (gulp), this list of side hustles aimed at college students caught my eye.  I think we could all agree that anything a college student does to make money would be considered a side hustle, because their full-time job is going to class and making decent grades.  But it definitely helps when they’re not calling us every week to send more cash; am I right?

60 Side Hustles and Counting at Budgets are Sexy — What makes this list different is that each and every money-making scheme on here has a link to a post that the blogger has published about it.  So you get the details of startup costs, how to find work, etc. without having to go searching for them.  Love that!  What I don’t love is that at least two of these are a little, shall we say, skanky?  But that means there are over 50 that are worth looking at.  So yea.

Be Your Own Boss: 37 Side Hustle Ideas at The Art of Manliness — My husband reads this blog, so when I saw this title, I knew I had to at least look at the post.  And you know what?  It’s spot-on!  He makes a great point about treating your side hustle like a job — because it is, duh.  Definitely worth reading and checking out all of his ideas; several of them have not been mentioned in any of the above articles.

The 12 Best Ways to Make Extra Money in 2015 at The Penny Hoarder — OK, I don’t know if these are the absolute BEST ways, but I’d not heard of several of them; and many of them don’t involve any real work.  Come again? you say.  Well, you’ll just have to click on the link to understand what I mean! Muahaha!

30 Natural Ways to Make Extra Money at DIY Natural — “…ideas for those who want to learn ways to make extra money, but want to do it as naturally as possible.”  And they really are great ideas!

After checking all of these out, now none of us have an excuse for not finding a way to #dothesidehustle! :-)

Track of the Week:  Well, of course, I need to educate those youngsters who have no idea why #dothesidehustle is a fun (albeit corny) hashtag.  Here’s the reason why:  The Hustle, by Van McCoy.  Oh y’all, the video is a HOOT!!  And if you find yourself loving the song, you can buy it here.

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