September 1-15: Win a free semester of ChemExplained!

Chemistry is no joke. You want a curriculum that EXPLAINS it so your kid (and you!) can understand it.

ChemExplained gives your teen EVERYTHING they need to be successful at Chemistry.

The course covers 20 chapters of high school chemistry, complete with notes, assignments, and tests for every chapter. It also includes 18 lab experiments and activities (available as DIY or video experience), lab reports, and over 365 teaching videos with over 90 hours of instruction!

What more could you need?

ChemExplained is a solid choice for chemistry for your homeschooled high schooler!

We are giving away the FIRST SEMESTER ONLY of ChemExplained. This includes the first 10 chapters of High School Chemistry with access to Student & Teacher Resources for Chapters 1-10, including 163 Teaching videos, 11 Video Test explanations, 209 Student Note pages, Worksheets, Review sheets, and Charts, plus 8 lab experiments/activities. This is a $149.00 value! Woot!


Drawing will be held September 16, 2021. Winner will be notified by email.

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