Episode 18-20: Aiming for Top-Tier Colleges as a Homeschooler

I had friends who went to Ivy Leagues, but I never even applied. I was too intimidated by that whole thing!

And frankly, I was still intimidated when it came time to help my kids search for colleges—so we didn't even look at top-tier schools.

But Heather Woodie has gotten TWO kids into two different high-level colleges, and she's here in the next three episodes to share a bit of her experience with us. She gives us insight into who will and won't succeed there, how non-traditional homeschoolers can still get through the application process, and more.

Heather is fascinating to listen to, even if you know you're not gonna go there with your own kid. It's always fun to hear from someone who has made it through graduation and beyond, am I right?

If you have questions about the process, listen here and then check out the resources below. You don't have to figure this out for yourself!






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Episode 18 (Part 1):

Resources mentioned in this episode (includes referral links):

Heather's website: BlogSheWrote.org

The Cornell Fiber Science Program

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching Sewing in Your High School

Heather's courses:

Homeschooling High School by Design

Homeschooling for College by Design

Purdue Disability Resource Center

Episode 19 (Part 2):

Heather is back with more wonderful wisdom for us! This time we talk about your out-of-the-box kids and how to make them stand out amongst all the others that are applying to colleges. We also touch on doing a fifth year of high school, naming courses on the transcript, and other helpful stuff!

Resources mentioned in this episode (includes referral links):

The One Year Adventure Novel

Heather's coaching for homeschooling high school when your kid has a chronic illness

10 Myths You're Believing about Your Out-of-the-Box Teen that are Holding Them Back

Episode 20 (Part 3):

This episode is all about working with your creative teen. How do you help them find their passion? How do you encourage them to just do. the. work? How can you set them up to be ready for WHATEVER they decide they want to do? All this and more answered by Heather, who knows what she's talking about since she has raised two creative kids who are now at top-tier colleges!

Resources mentioned (includes referral links):

10 Myths You're Believing about Your Out-of-the-Box Teen that are Holding Them Back

Dream Big and Take Action — Heather's course about goal-setting for your teen

Life of Fred math curriculum

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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