Episodes 14-16: Time Management for Working Homeschool Moms — and ALL homeschool moms!

Did y'all know that I work outside the home? Yep, for 20+ hours per week. And then I do this blog/podcast and my Facebook group, send emails, speak at conferences… and oh yea, I also still homeschool my last child left at home (a junior this year).

Did y'all also know that this is a really tough schedule to maintain week after week? Especially when you consider that my husband's job takes him away from home for days/weeks at at stretch. So you could also call me a single mom about 80% of the time.

Do I say this for a pity party? No. (Although not gonna lie I love sympathy and affirmation, LOL.)

I just wanna let you know that I KNOW what it's like. And I also know that there are many moms out there who have it way worse than I do, timewise, but they are still convinced that homeschooling their kids is the way to go. Which I am of course in full agreement with!

Because I know what it's like, I wanted to help.

So for the next three podcast episodes I'll be chatting with Jen Mackinnon from PracticalByDefault.com. She is also a working homeschool mom, and she runs a very popular Facebook group called The Working Homeschool Mom Club.

Jen shares time management strategies to help us do this crazy life a little better and with a lot less stress. I learned a lot from her!

Give a listen if you want to get away from the urgency mentality and have more control over what happens when.

Psst! Moms who don't work, there is no law that says you can't listen, too! I bet you'll come away with some strategies you can use, as well!






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Part 1 (Episode 14):

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Jen's website: PracticalByDefault.com—scroll down to get a free guide for creating your own “simple schedule”

Facebook Group: The Working Homeschool Mom Club

Canadian Homeschool Conference

My guest post on iHomeschoolNetwork: In Defense of School at Home

Part 2 (Episode 15):

Be encouraged that you are not alone, and there is a way to make this all flow better! Listen to Jen's story and be inspired.

Related Resources:

Get a 20-page workbook from Jen about how to find balance as a working homeschool mom here: PracticalbyDefault.com/welcome

Take Charge of Your Life Course

15 Working Moms Share Their Top Time Management Tips

Dear Working Homeschool Mom, Don't Make This Mistake!

31 Days of Practical Organizing Tips for a Homeschool Mom's Life

Part 3 (Episode 16):

Self-care, systems, survival—super helpful ideas for how to make the working mom and homeschooling thing work! Jen Mackinnon has been there and knows what it takes to do it all with some sense of sanity. SO MANY PRACTICAL STRATEGIES in this episode. Give a listen!

Mentioned in this episode:

Jen's Self-Care Planner

Take Charge of Your Life Course

Canadian Homeschool Conference

12 Week Goals & Accountability Practical Planner

Ann's 30+ Ridiculously Easy Dinners for Busy Families on a Budget

It's Not That Hard to Homeschool

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