Not Your Mama’s Education, Part 1

Not Your Mama's Education, PART 1

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At the heart of True North Homeschool Academy’s innovative approach lies the SAMR model, a framework that guides educators and parents in leveraging technology effectively. The SAMR model classifies technology integration into four levels: Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, and Redefinition. 

Substitution refers to the basic replacement of traditional tools with technological alternatives.

Augmentation enhances the learning experience by adding additional functionality.

Modification involves redesigning tasks to foster more creative and collaborative activities.

Redefinition empowers students to engage in tasks that were previously inconceivable.

By employing the SAMR method, True North Homeschool Academy harnesses the potential of technology to engage students, promote critical thinking, and foster deeper understanding. From online discussions and interactive assignments to virtual labs and digital simulations, technology becomes a catalyst for transformative learning experiences.

The Next Frontier: “Not Your Mama’s Education”

Seminar Lisa Nehring, the visionary behind True North Homeschool Academy, is hosting an exciting seminar titled “Not Your Mama’s Education.”

This eagerly anticipated event will delve into the future of homeschooling and explore emerging trends and methodologies that challenge traditional educational paradigms. The seminar aims to equip parents with practical strategies to embrace the next frontier in homeschooling.

Participants will gain valuable insights into integrating cutting-edge technologies, fostering personalized learning environments, and nurturing critical 21st-century skills. By embracing innovative methods like project-based learning, interdisciplinary studies, and real-world applications, homeschoolers can effectively prepare their children for the challenges and opportunities of the future. In a Word True North Homeschool Academy and the SAMR method are revolutionizing homeschooling by combining technological advancements with next-generation educational practices.

Not Your Mama's Education: Innovation

Lisa Nehring’s upcoming seminar, “Not Your Mama’s Education,” promises to inspire and equip parents with the tools and knowledge needed to embrace the next frontier of homeschooling. As homeschooling continues to evolve, the need for flexible, personalized, and future-ready education becomes increasingly important.

By staying at the forefront of educational innovation, True North Homeschool Academy and Lisa Nehring are empowering families to navigate this new era of homeschooling, ensuring that children receive a holistic education that prepares them for success in an ever-changing world.

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