Bonus Episode 83: An Interview with David Hazell of My Father’s World

Get one man's perspective on homeshooling high school AND hear about an amazing curriculum option that does it all for you. David Hazell is the CEO of My Father's World books, and in this episode we discuss homeschooling high school in general and My Father's World in particular.

My Father's World is a Christian literature-based curriculum for all levels, and this interview contains a large amount of Christian content.

Listen to be encouraged and inspired about your homeschool high school journey, regardless of which curriculum you use. But maybe you'll decide to take a look at My Father's World after hearing how unique it is!


David Hazell, CEO of My Father's World, shares his perspective on homeschooling high school as well as what makes their curriculum unique.

If home is the center of education, God’s Word should be the center of the home. With My Father’s World Curriculum, God’s Word is not just a subject. It’s central to everything your child will do every day. From preschool through high school, My Father’s World combines the best of Charlotte Mason’s ideas, classical education, and unit studies with a Biblical worldview and global focus.

For high school families, My Father’s World has teamed with Unbound to provide an exciting new coaching program helping students and parents through the difficult high school years. Students will receive 18 bi-weekly group coaching calls as well as gaining access to an online community of coaches and like-minded students in a secure, private environment. Quarterly “Design Your Future” calls with student leaders will provide insights on the struggles and rewards of a Christ-centered life in this season.

From preschool through high school, My Father’s World has you covered. Go to today, download a catalog, schedule a free consultation, and let us help you find the fun, engaging, life-transforming curriculum your family has been waiting for. Go to today!

Episode 83: An Interview with David Hazell of My Father's World

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