The It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool High School Podcast

The podcast for real people homeschooling real teens

In the It's Not that Hard to Homeschool High School podcast, Ann shares from her own experience with five teens. Strategies for real people!

Listen to the It’s Not that Hard to Homeschool High School podcast while you drive or work around the house! Gain tips, tricks, and techniques to help you feel confident and successful homeschooling your REAL teen.


Ann shares her own successes, strategies, and struggles from her experience homeschooling five ornery ordinary kids through graduation, and there are interviews with experts in all aspects of this journey. You’ll be encouraged and equipped!

So you can confidently, competently, and even contentedly provide the high school education that best fits YOUR teen and YOUR family—and live to tell about it!






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Episodes (new every 1st & 3rd Friday):

This podcast series features Bethany Ishee of In it we discuss different ways for high schoolers to learn outside of the box, or non-traditionally. Bethany is smart and fun ...
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Is your eighth-grader ready to earn high school credit for their transcript? Many moms want to take advantage of their homeschooling freedom and get a head start on high school ...
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I had friends who went to Ivy Leagues, but I never even applied. I was too intimidated by that whole thing! And frankly, I was still intimidated when it came ...
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The relationship between teens and time seems to be a rather fluid one, LOL. In other words, teens tend to let time flow right through their fingers and then wonder ...
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Did y'all know that I work outside the home? Yep, for 20+ hours per week. And then I do this blog/podcast and my Facebook group, send emails, speak at conferences ...
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As if homeschooling high school wasn't scary enough, now you have to search for the college that your teen will go to that will make or break the rest of ...
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If you're stressed about how to get your homeschooled teen into college with a brilliant transcript, thinking that you have to make sure your teen does all the things that ...
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As you anticipate homeschooling high school with your oldest, it's natural to wonder how you will make it work with all the younger kids that you still have to homeschool ...
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UGH, this is the worst thing, but we've all been there. If you haven't yet, you will. Or you're perfect. Or your teen is perfect. So you pick which one ...
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I start the new podcast off with a series! I want everyone to know this vital information about homeschooling high school right away. Knowing these five things will help ease ...
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How fun is this? A new podcast has been born! In this very first episode, I introduce myself and my passion for helping moms realize that homeschooling high school is ...
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