Nov 1-16: Win a FREE ONLINE DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSE from Emmaus Bible College!

Put your email address in the widget below for a chance to win a FREE DUAL ENROLLMENT COLLEGE COURSE worth $495!

If you’ve been wondering how to provide some outside accountability for your kid, or you’ve been hoping to get some Dual Enrollment credits but have been finding out that it’s too expensive, then this giveaway is your chance to make it happen!

Emmaus Bible College is a small non-denominational Christian college in Dubuque, Iowa.

They offer online Dual Enrollment college courses for high school students through their Global Campus at a reduced rate of only $165 per credit hour. (Or if you win the giveaway, you get a 3-credit course for FREE!)

With courses such as Old or New Testament Survey, Apologetics, Christian Life & Worldview, Cultural Anthropology, and more, you can be confident your teen will get a solid education from a Christian perspective. Dual Enrollment can be scary when you have no idea what your student will be expected to do or be exposed to, but no worries here. 

You can use these courses for high school credit now and as transfer college credit so your teen can save money and skip some requirements later. It’s a win-win!

See their online course offerings here.

Emmaus Bible College is also worth looking at as a Christian college to consider sending your teen to after high school. 

Every student at Emmaus graduates with a dual major — they earn one major in Bible and Theology and another major in the program of their choice. With courses of study from Mathematics to Business to Computer Science to Health Science to Teacher Education AND MORE, there are plenty to choose from. Your young adult can be prepared for a career while at the same time strengthening their understanding of the Word of God!

“Today’s college programs at Emmaus are designed to prepare you to serve the Lord in your local church, your ministry, the community in which you will live, and through the professional career you choose.”
Philip Boom, President of Emmaus Bible College

Check out the Emmaus Bible College here: EMMAUS BIBLE COLLEGE WEBSITE


Drawing will be held November 17, 2020. Winner will be notified by email.

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